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Super Sons (DC) #14A
Super Sons (DC) #14AMother's Day: Part 2 - The world's deadliest mom forces Robin to make the ultimate choice between his past and future and Superboy finds himself caught in the middle.
A Super Milestone
A Super Milestone For 80 years Superman has fought for Truth, Justice, and the American Way! This April, Action Comics reaches its astounding 1000th issue! Help the Man of Tomorrow celebrate this Super Milestone and checkout all these titles starring the greatest hero of them all!
Future Quest Presents (DC) #8A
Future Quest Presents (DC) #8AMightor is the only thing standing in the way of an alien force and planet Earth. Featuring appearance by Jonny Quest and Hadji!
Mighty Thor #705A
Mighty Thor #705AThe tragic and heroic story of Jane Foster finally reaches its heart-rending zenith as the Mighty Thor faces off against the unstoppable Mangog with the fate of the cosmos hanging in the balance.
Go Go Power Rangers (Boom) #8A
Go Go Power Rangers (Boom) #8ABilly faces a choice that could change the course of Rangers History forever!
Doctor Strange: Damnation (2018) #3A
Doctor Strange: Damnation (2018) #3AThings are not going so well for our intrepid band of unlikely heroes, especially now that the Sorcerer Supreme has joined the ranks of the damned!
Value Packs
Value Packs Here's your chance to dive into the exciting world of comic collecting at 1980s prices. Not since 1980 have comics been this affordable! You'll receive 3 lbs. of comics, generally about 25-40 comics depending on page count.
Gift Codes
Gift Codes Buying for a collector? A MyComicShop gift code is the answer! Gift codes can be used on everything we offer, including our monthly auction!
Marvel Studios: Avengers Infinity War Prelude TPB (2018 Marvel) 1-1ST
Marvel Studios: Avengers Infinity War Prelude TPB (2018 Marvel) 1-1STAvengers Infinity War is almost here and these are the tales that will prepare you for the biggest event of 2018! Collects Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War Prelude #1-2, Infinity #1 and Thanos Annual #1
Wonder Woman: Forgotten Legends TPB (2018 DC) 1-1ST
Wonder Woman: Forgotten Legends TPB (2018 DC) 1-1STIn these stories from the 1980s, done in the style of the Golden Age of Comics , Paradise Island is threatened by a mysterious Amazon known as Atomia!
Superman: Action Comics - Mr. Oz HC (2018 DC Universe Rebirth) Deluxe Edition 1-1ST
Superman: Action Comics - Mr. Oz HC (2018 DC Universe Rebirth) Deluxe Edition 1-1STMr. Oz makes his last moves against the Man of Steel and his family and leaves the Man of Tomorrow questioning his entire legacy! Collects Action Comics #985-992
Jirni TPB (2016-2018 Aspen) 2-1ST New Horizons!
Jirni TPB (2016-2018 Aspen) 2-1ST New Horizons!Prepare to experience a tale of fantasy and wonder without boundaries! Ara's journey takes her to sea with a band of pirates to challenge the unknown and face down the impossible as the search for her mother continues.