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I've had a consignment account with you folks for a while. I just purchased this collection and and decided to flip it to you guys. I'm one of the Co-Owners of Gold Key Comics with Mike D.. Love you guys!
— Adam B., Phoenix, AZ

Buddy, Conan and Ben, You will find attached a list of the comics I am shipping to you. A agreed, we are splitting the locker collection 50/50. The amount due to me for your half is $1620. I can never say enough about the Saunders family and Lone Star Comics. My operations have grown since becoming a buying partner with you several years ago. Nothing is more fun than working with your crew, everything from W-transactions, buying collections, and consigning with you. I have a lead on a good-sized collection close to me. My hunt for great comic collections never ends, as you saw the finds today in my earlier e-mail.
— Phil H., Corona, CA

Hello Buddy, I'm very thankful that you are doing so well after your stroke. A fighter! I also want to thank you personally for your involvement in the negotiations with Steve to sell my comic collection that I started 55 years ago. If I am going to sell my collection to anyone, I'm glad it was you. My beloved comics will find good homes with people who will really enjoy them appreciate them just as I have. Take care and all the best
— Tim F., Houston, TX

I've bought comics from you before and sold some to you, too. I really enjoy your website, your prices and the way it's laid out (very user friendly). I'm a 73-year-old who, when I look at the comics I'm interested in, I get such a warm and nostalgic feeling of back when I was a kid and was so excited whenever the newest comic books came out. Memories of buying them at my local drugstore, at 12-15 cents—pure joy! Nothing like reading those old comic books and that feeling and memories of those youthful days come rushing back like an old friend.
— Brenda P., Charleston, PA

I just received my first order. After being a steady customer at another comic shop for 40 years, the owner recommended to continue my patronage. I have to say, I am most pleased with the service, packing, and price! Thanks to his referral, I hope to be a steady customer for some time to come!
— Bob S., Frankfort, IL

This my first time selling with you. A friend, Adam P., said you were awesome to work with. It was fun scanning and grading my books so now I am looking forward to doing the rest of my collection and building up more consignment eligible books for a shipment as well.
— Drew E., New Straitsville, OH

I was given my great-grandfather's large collection of Tip Top Weekly's that he collected from a young age. For being over 100 years old, these books are in incredible condition and I look forward to selling them to to you so that they go to others who will enjoy them!
— Rebecca B., Philadelphia, PA

Hello, I've purchased many books from MyComicShop via eBay, and noticed there are auctions on your own site, and the eBay listings are less expensive when buying direct from you. I'm in the process of pruning my collection, and thought this is a good place to sell my books, and use that money towards more select books.
— Chris S., Lake Villa, IL

I've sold comics with you guys before. Your customer service was phenomenal. Pleasure doing business with you again. All books are submitted for auction. Graded as best I could.
— Ron C., South San Francisco, CA

I sold about a third of my collection to Lone Star Comics about 10 years ago and even had the pleasure of meeting Buddy when I was touring Texas. I'm now 70 and starting to downsize, so I would like to sell more of my collection. Also, forgive me, but I am awful at grading, but I always give it my best shot. I've also got a lot of Man From Uncle Magazines and Perry Rhodan paperbacks if you are interested in them in the future.
— Sylvester M., Poinciana, FL

Hello, I still have two boxes of American comics and a box of manga to go through. I also have a copy of Iron Fist 14 at CGC, though I won't see it till August, probably. I was paid almost $20,000 last year, and I expect to make over $2,000 this year selling to your want list. I never could have done it without your site. Thanks,
— Jondahl D., Lubbock, TX

Buddy, first let me first say that the prices you pay for books for sale is unmatched. By far, the prices are the best on the Net. I've been trading, buying, and selling to you for AT LEAST 20-25 years, and I'll never go anywhere else. I stand by my words. Keep up your great work... you're the best at all you do.
— Gary M., Huntington, WV

Greeting once again from the Mountain State of West Virginia! Once again, the service and patience of the most amazing comic book website on the planet, as well as throughout the Nine Realms, never disappoints. Your staff has been more than excellent to me, especially during these trying and difficult times. So, take a bow, You've earned it once again! Take care of yourself, my friends!
— Ryan P., Hamlin, WV

The following testimonial is one you’ll want to read, especially if you are thinking of selling or trading comics to us via our online want list, a system used by literally thousands of sellers every year.

I made my first sale to you in 2012, and since it went well, I sporadically worked up orders for the next couple of years. During this time, I kept running into chances to buy lots of comics containing stuff I wanted, often at dirt-cheap prices. There were plenty of comics I didn't want in those lots so I just started adding them to your database.

As my pile of unwanted comics grew, I became more familiar with your system and my sales to you increased.

In 2015, I decided to start keeping copies of every order and record every sale. That year, I thought I had a great year by making $624.31 in trade credit. But in 2016 the amount shot up to $1,800.18, and then $2,763.98 in 2017.

By this point, I was raiding store and convention dollar boxes armed with your printable want list, and looking for uninformed sales anywhere I bought comics. Each year my sales to you have risen (even during Covid 2020) as I've gotten more savvy buying comics to resell to you.

At the start of this year, I have amassed (and spent) $20,656.10 in trade credit with you since 2015.

I'm just a guy who collects comics. I don't buy to sell anywhere else. I don't really even spend much time with my extra comics. It started off as a way to offload stuff I didn't want for some extra money, but it turned out that I have a knack for it.

I rarely have to spend any of my own money when I order, and the 5,000 or so comics I pull from have already been paid for many times over.

Your system works, and I recommend it whenever I can, especially to people who have no clue about comics. Most of them have jackpots in their eyes, though, and disregard my advice. I think my totals show that your system works and I thought that you might get a kick knowing a simple collector had used it to this extent.

— P. T., Pelham, Al

Dear MyComicShop Folks,

You've been my one source for back issue comics for a few years now, and I've several times let you know that this is so because of your hugely-helpful listing of artists' credits on each book. As an illustrator and life-long follower of comics primarily for the artists I admire (rather than titles, writers, or characters), your listing system has allowed me to find many comics I would otherwise not have known about.

But just last night, I discovered on your site, for the first time, an additional reason to value your service even more highly.

I often develop an interest in a certain artist years after he's first appeared, and have to work backwards to collect his work. Last night I was ordering a few books that I'd heard Duncan Fegredo had drawn, which I could confirm from your listings.

I was ready to complete this order, when a notion occurred to me. What would happen if I just put 'Duncan Fegredo' in your search box? I didn't expect that would work, but, to my astonishment and delight, a huge list of titles that included that keyword appeared! Books I'd never heard of! And better yet, the listings enabled me to distinguish between which books had only a Cover by the artist, vs. those that he fully or partially pencilled. My order soon tripled, and I have your exceptional system to thank. I know of no other like it.

So, please accept my thanks for your thoroughness & helpfulness to collectors such as myself, with specific interests and needs - you fulfill them all. Please pass this letter on to everyone involved in creating and maintaining this service.
— Douglas S., Peak Island, ME

A quick story, Buddy. The Giant Size X-Men #1 that I just auctioned on MyComicShop for $1,284 is the same one I bought for just $30 about 10-12 years ago at my local comic shop. Even then I was surprised they were selling it for so little. It will help cover the cost of my daughter Emma’s wedding in July. Thank you, MCS, for getting me such a great price for it! You guys are the best.
— Jim M., Arrington, TN

Dear Buddy, Greetings. A friend in another city recently sent me email about an exceptional online comic service he had found. After reading only a couple of sentences, I knew he was talking about There simply is no other online service like it. Thank you so much for many years of great service. I not only buy items I love, but also sometimes pick up birthday and Christmas gifts from your shop. (That includes occasional gifts for my father, age 86, whose favorites were All Star, The Flash and Captain Marvel during the Golden Age)
— Mark J., Brooklyn, NY

I called in just now with a question about some orders I placed and spoke to Brandon. He was not only courteous and kind, but he resolved my issue in barely any time at all. I just wanted to bring this to your attention! Employees like Brandon are hard to come by! Thanks!
— Jason R., Pittsburgh, PA

Your staff remains Superheroes! Throughout everything our country has weathered since last March, my comic book pre-orders, want-list orders, impulse orders, etc. -- ALL of them delivered on-time and undamaged. A small thing, I know, but Buddy, your folks are the people who truly keep this country running. Entertainers and athletes aside, the person who grades the comics at to the person who takes extra care to pack the orders -- THOSE are the people who impact thousands of others more than any sports team or movie.
— Steve B., Pueblo West, CO

Thank you for the very professional cooperation and the very friendly communication regarding your purchase of my Marvel comic sets! Likewise, thank you very much for your flash-like payment for my most recent title lot, Amazing Spider-Man! Less than 24 hours for an oversea transfer! Sometimes a transfer within Germany takes two to three days. Wow! Such lightning-fast payment is a great compliment to me! Again, thank you very much! Garret F., Dresden, Germany
— Gerrit F., Dresden, Germany

In my profession of buying odd lots of merchandise for over 40 years, I have experienced many different situations, companies, and people, some great, some not so good. In your case, I find your company a delight to do business with. Everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable, organized, friendly and concerned. A real professional organization. I look forward to doing more business with you.
— Dick C., Talmadge, OH

Hello my friend, Just wanted to reach out again and say thank you for everything! I just submitted my payment for two auction items I won earlier and the rest of the Marvel Shogun Warriors series. That series is now complete to go along with my graded issue #1 which I also won in one of your auctions.

I personally can't say enough about how wonderful your website is and how easy it is to navigate. It really takes me back to my childhood and teen years when collecting comics was a weekly ritual and one I truly enjoyed. Now being able to piece together issues I had such fond memories of is a blessing.

My seven-year-old great nephew Brantley is starting to get into it, too. He has seen my collection and has really improved his reading prowess with his most awesome uncle (LOL) showing him the ropes and nuances by recognizing words and phrases. Most importantly, he now has some favorite characters. He is especially fond of Godzilla and all of his monster friends as well as Spider-Man and the other mainstream Marvel characters.

I hope all is well with you and the staff after the recent rash of crazy weather in the gulf. Batten down the hatches, brother!

Again, just wanted to wish you and yours greetings and continued friendship from the Mountain State.

Take care of yourself and each other, brother.

— Ryan P., Hamlin, WV

Hi Buddy and all the Lone Star crew, Just wanted to congratulate yourself and your team on the wonderful job you all do at Lone Star Comics I grew up in New Zealand in the 70’s and 80’s and fell for all the great comic book art of that era. I was an avid collector and devoured mostly the great marvel comic titles like Spidey, Thor, Hulk and any other issues with outstanding art work. I pretty much lost all of those well cared for and much loved comics (at least the ones that my brother didn’t get his grubby hands on and bend the pages all the way back!) as I traveled the world for four years. I soon found my local comic shop and soon rejuvenated my interest in comic collecting. I’ve now managed to accumulate a nice collection once again and this time, my brother (who still lives in New Zealand) can’t get his grubby hands on them! I’ve been ordering my comics from your website for years now and it is EASILY the best of the online comic book sites. I don’t know how you set it up so professionally, but congrats on getting the formula 100% right! So, I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who makes it all possible, all your folks who get the comics sorted, graded, packed and shipped all the way out here to sunny Sydney, Australia. Well done, Buddy. Well done, crew!
— Terry M., Sydney, Australia

Buddy, I cannot say enough for your customer service, and Lone Star Comics! I spent 40 years in banking and always put the customer first, so I know World-class service when I see it. Your crew--all of them--are terrific, efficient, and just plain great people! Please thank Chandler for his exemplary service and attention to the customer, and likewise all his department and every other department! Your company is #1 and it shows! Mask up and stay healthy! We will get through this pandemic and will get back to normal soon!
— Machiel M., Munster, IN

To the gang at Lone Star Comics. Again, I can't say how wonderful it is to have such an easy, flawless and exciting way to collect comics! My hat is off to ALL of you who work tirelessly to make this school teacher from West Virginia feel like I matter. I may not be able to spend as much as others, but I truly enjoy the process, especially the auctions! Way to go, everyone! You guys Rock! Take care of yourselves and each other.
— Ryan P., Hamlin, WV

Every step in our deal was very professional with the communication always easy and very friendly! I think, as a second step I will offer to you my German set of Fantastic Four # 1-124. It will take a few weeks, but one thing is absolutely sure: when I will offer it, there is only one shop I will consider - and the name of the shop is: Lone Star Comics. Please let Buddy know I had this feeling when seeing your ad at the back of the Price Guide: I then knew I must write to Buddy and his crew! And my inner voice was right: it was a very, very friendly and professional experience! Thank you very much, and please tell Buddy I have great respect for his and your way of doing business!
— Garret F., Dresden, Germany

I have done a lot of business with your store and I think you are an amazing company, both buying and selling. Thank you so much and I hope you stay in business another hundred years because your store is the very best and you are the only one I trust to do business with.
— Eric W., Washington, NY

I'm not writing in to say anything negative, I just wanted to say thanks for the years of great service I've received from Lone Star. I started shopping at the Arlington location back in the late eighties. When you opened, I started ordering there, and then later on, I started buying from your eBay store. I've bought thousands of books from you over the last 30 years and can't remember ever being shorted on an order or having a book that was graded way out of bounds. They're always packaged well and shipped promptly. I was sad to hear that your store closed for a short while during this COVID-19 outbreak, and as soon as you opened back up, I started putting in several orders. I know I'm not a high-end shopper compared, say, to folks that exclusively buy CGC-graded golden age books, but I'm doing my level best to give you whatever business I can send your way. In short, I know you're busy and don't expect or need a response. I just wanted to say thanks for being there during these troubled times, and I've appreciated shopping with you for over 40 years. Keep up the great work, and God Bless you and your family. I'll be putting in another order here in the next day or so via your eBay store.
— Robert H., Columbus, OH

Thanks for having such a fair and great trading option. By trading with MyComicShop. I know I'm getting the best deal every time.
— Mike H., Tallahassee, FL

I love you guys! Hope you're all safe and healthy!
— Charles O., Clovis, CA

I just received the 7.0 CGC Batman Ra's Al Ghul I ordered. I was most impressed with the presentation upon opening the shipping box! The foam corner protectors, ample brown paper filler and the white Lone Star Comics box that contained the slabbed comic. I was astounded when I opened the white box!!! Fantastic presentation!!! This was my first CGC purchase and have been wanting the Ra's Al Ghul issue for well over 10 years. This now completes my 1940 Batman series from #200 to present. I am next working on collecting #150 to #199 and WILL be referencing your online store to source these books. Thanks again and I am one happy customer!
— Jim W., Washington, PA

I've had my collection 20 years. I discovered your site a few months ago and I'm thankful for how easy you've made selling my comics.
— Mark F., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

This is my third time using your online selling option. You are very fair and I still have three more full boxes of comics. Thanks for being honest.
— Shawn D., Gambrills, MD

Just a line to say that, as a customer of a few years’ standing, I always prefer to buy from your company. I’ve used a few other dealers in the past, but no one else matches not just’s prices and deals, but the sheer range of items you folks offer.

Comic book geeks like me are interested in a lot more “geek” stuff than just the comics. For me, there are the pulp magazines, too, anywhere from the classics like The Shadow and Doc Savage, to the more modern Analog and Asimov’s, but also, in my case, Alfred Hitchcock’s and Ellery Queen’s Detective Magazines, which I’m pleased to see are also part of your potential range. I’m into tecfic as well as specfic, so it gladdens my heart.

Today, for instance, I placed an order that contains 13 of the World’s Best SF annuals (for sweet prices), an Analog, an F&SF, plus Marvel Comics #1000, Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica, and the clincher, The 13th Doctor Holiday Special Comic Books for Kids variant (which will be a present for someone).

Is there another comic book dealer that offers the buyer such a range? I think not.

Oh, and every week there’s the email update, with your version of the late great Mr. Lee’s “Soapbox,” and the Odinson’s informative mini-essays on comic book history (my pet subject).

A huge range that extends beyond just comics, great prices AND a worthwhile weekly read. In the words of Ira Gershwin, sung by rather a lot of people, from Ethel Merman and Judy Garland to Gene Kelly, who could ask for anything more? (But no, like Fozzie Bear, I don’t got rhythm.)

NOTE: Marcus has been a customer with us since 2002.

Marcus first commented on our site almost 20 years ago, in 2002: Dear folks, I've been a comic book fan from 1968 and the age of 4. Just looked at your new site design. Absolutely stunning! Excellent, spacious layout, huge quantities of information of immense use to anyone interested in comics history and content. The new look is extremely easy-on-the-eye with easy-to-use systems and links. Not just a site on which to BUY comic books, but a resource from which to LEARN about them. Possibly the biggest boon to the comic collector of the last decade. And thousands of comic books at very reasonable prices! Consider yourselves no-prized (platinum edition)!

— Marcus F., Cambridge, United Kingdom

Wow, that's it? You look at my comics today, make an offer which I accept, and now you will issue a check? I've lived in five countries outside of the US in the past fifteen years and I'm not used to things going smoothly! Thanks.
— Mark H., Arlington, TX

Ben, thank you so much for the offer for my comics, which I accepted. Everyone I have dealt with at Mycomicshop from beginning to end has been straightforward and has answered all my questions. The entire transaction has been seamless and I totally feel that you offered a fair price. I want to thank you for your personal interest and for staying in touch with me.
— Michael S., White Creek, TN

I just saw this morning that our CBCS slabbed Journey Into Mystery #83 sold for $24,700. I want to express my gratitude for your advise, direction and body of knowledge which made the sale of this comic and others possible. My wife and I hold your entire organization in very high regard. We look forward to continuing our working relationship as we sell the remainder of the collection.
— Ralph B., Easton, PA

Hello, Buddy and friends. This is the third time I've traded comic books with your company, and it is just as fun as ever! I've ordered around 100 times from MyComicShop over the years, and I can say MCS is absolutely the number-one, top-notch online site for all things comic book, whether you are buying recent releases or comics published 50 years ago. Thanks again!
— David B., Delphos, OH

Hi Ben, Just wanted you to know you made selling my comics a great experience. Your company, Lone Star Comics, paid me top price. I had approached a number of other big-name comic dealers. Only one came close to you and several tried to low-ball me. In my opinion, any collector who doesn’t offer his comics to Lone Star is out of his mind.

What’s more, I had learned that Lone Star’s grading standards were among the most stringent out there. But even so, you made the process of valuing my comics easy. You made an accurate judgment based on only a strategic sample of my covers. That you were able to do so to both buyer’s and seller’s satisfaction evidenced a great deal of experience and a high degree of professionalism.

You, personally, were very patient with me, answering all my questions promptly and giving me confidence in you and your company. This was my first time selling comics online and, as you appreciated, I had some misgivings about packing up the bulk of my collection and sending it off to who-knows-where. Lone Star’s quick and hassle-free payment came as quite a relief.

To sum up, you and Lone Star gets my highest recommendation. I’d deal with you again in a minute.

— Joe R., Medford, MA

I would like to thank you and congratulate you for the fantastic service that you consistently provide. I have been buying from you since 2016 and when you guys say that a book is very fine, it is. Your packaging is good, you ship very quickly and your grading is trustworthy. Since I live in Portugal I have to deal with the hassles of the Portuguese customs, otherwise I would be buying from you every other week! So again, thanks for the great service!
— Alexandre S., Cascais, Portugal

Hi Buddy. Just want to share with you that your staff is part of the reason I continue doing business with Lonestar Comics. Whether it be Este, Sean, or Brian - they always find an answer to any questions I have. Thank you again.
— Rudy R., Miami, FL

My brother was a year younger than me, Paul loved comic collecting and he enjoyed selling his “extras” to you guys. When he passed away, a kind gentleman from your company reached out to my girlfriend, Sara, (via facebook) to let her know that you owed Paul payment for his last comic submission. I wasn't in the right frame of mind, so Sara handled it. I never experienced loss before, but the kindness from that one gentleman at Mycomicshop really meant a lot. I just want to continue to do what Paul loved to do, so here is my first comics from my brother’s collection. Thank you for all you’ve done. I it meant a lot to my family.
— Carol K., Mentor on the Lake, OH

Love how easy you make it to sell comics to you!
— Brad B., Dublin, OH

I love how easy the mycomicshop site is to use! Especially given the amount of comics I own. The process of entering them in by data cart and storing them was quite easy! Thank you for making this a fun and enjoyable process! I was excited to see what my comics were actually worth!
— Miles T., White, GA

I have really enjoyed looking through your site. It has made selling my comics, what could have been really tedious work, fun. Thank you for making your site so easy to navigate! I have had these comics in storage for over a decade and looking through them has brought back a lot of memories.
— Linda H., State College, PA

Not sure how you provide such a great and efficient service with such a low commission fee! Keep up the good work, and happy holidays to all at Mycomicshop.
— Tim M., Longmont, CO

I just wanted to write to thank you and everyone at Lone Star Comics for their great service! I sent you a message this past September when I was disappointed with one experience with your company—a message that I didn't enjoy writing as I appreciate you and your company so much. Thank you again for your very thoughtful response to that email. I take care of my elderly father and we've gotten to enjoy a lot of fun stories together, like we did years ago because of you. So I wanted to write you another message and tell you how thrilled I have been with every single issue in the several orders I've made with you this past few months. It's always great to see a package from Lone Star Comics arrive! I really appreciate you and your team's hard work and hope you all had great Thanksgiving family fun and will have a wonderful Christmas season. Thank you again for the great service and the fun my father and I have reading the comic books you offer!
— Kevin O., Greenville, TN

I'm 74 years old now, long retired and married 50 years. When I was nine my mother had a catastrophic emotional breakdown and my dad,unable to care for me and her, sent me to my grandparents to live. I lived with them for six years and about the only laughter I had was from my Mad magazines. Most copies were lost, but as an adult I always vowed to rebuild the collection. Today I ordered the last of them. Thanks to your company for allowing me to reconnect. Most folks might think it's a small thing, but childhood memories are the fiercest. You helped me and I appreciate it.
— David W., Houston, TX

I love your site. I’ve been buying with you for years and will continue to do so. This is my first time selling comics. I trust mycomicshop, and I feel secure that you’ll give me the right price, Thank you!
— Derrick W., Orange, NJ

You guys have been really awesome to me as a customer. Just about everything I've looked for I've found at Mycomicshop, but this is the first I've tried to sell or trade any of my comics. I'm old school when it comes to shopping. I like going to a store and flipping thru the comic stock. So I've placed a trust value in purchasing online thru you. Even when I look on eBay, I only feel comfortable when I find comics with your stores digital watermark.
— Andy S., Saint Louis, MO

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