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Most of the content of our weekly email is coverage about comics: discussion of new releases, activity at MyComicShop, cool new collections we're bringing in, and comic fandom. However, MyComicShop founder Buddy Saunders likes to use the soapbox of the weekly email to talk about things he feels are important, which sometimes includes his views on potentially controversial topics like social issues or politics.

Some customers enjoy hearing what Buddy thinks, and some don't want to be reading about political issues inside a comic-centric newsletter. To accommodate the preferences of both groups of people, we offer two versions of our weekly comic newsletter. Please sign up for whichever version you prefer.

If you don't mind reading occasional commentary from MyComicShop founder and owner Buddy Saunders, written from a conservative point of view, then you'll want this version of our weekly email:

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Most of the content will be the same in both emails--they're exactly the same except one sometimes includes extra commentary from Buddy, and the other doesn't. Anything that Buddy writes that's not in the political/social realm will be present in both versions of the email: stories from his decades as a comic reader, collector, and retailer; happenings at MyComicShop; comics he's purchased recently; and so on.