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The purpose of this page is to provide a convenient way of printing out portions of's want list. You can quickly review the Want List to determine which comics you have that you want to offer to us for sale or trade using our online buying system. You can also take the printed copy of our want list with you to comic stores or conventions in your area.

Lists generated by this page are for your convenience. When you're ready to sell your comics to us, you should use our online buying system.

List Size and Accessibility

Our full want list contains well over 200,000 issues. If loading or printing the full list is a problem, or if you are only interested in a particular publisher or date range, you can produce a smaller list by filtering by publisher, date published, or letter of the alphabet.

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Title filter You can use this box to filter out some titles that you don't want to be included in the results. For example, if you don't want any titles with the word "autographed" in the title, enter autographed in this box. Separate multiple entries with commas. A few commonly used filters are supplied here by default.
Price filter Minimum: Maximum: The grade the price filter applies to depends on the year a comic was published. For comics 1982-current, the price filter applies to the NM grade; FN for 1976-1981; and VG for pre-1976.
Want list filter By default, the want list that this page generates shows only items that are on our want list right now. However, you can use the option below to also include items that are not currently on the want list, but that we estimate will be on the want list again soon. The estimated number of months until an issue is on our want list is based on our current stock level and historical sales patterns.
PLEASE READ: By using this option, I understand that just because an item is estimated to be added to our want list within a certain number of months, is not making any claim or guarantee that the item will definitely be on the want list within any length of time.
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