Why Sell Your Comics to mycomicshop

1. Get a better price with less effort.

For older comics, we pay a competitive percentage of current price guide prices. For modern era comics, 1980s to current, we generally pay two to five times what you'll be offered at other comic stores.

Why we're a better choice than selling on eBay

If you sell on eBay, you can either sell your comics as a group or sell them individually. Selling your comics as a group is less work, but you will generally make less money because most potential buyers won't want all the issues in the group. You can make more money selling your comics individually, but doing so takes considerably more work: scanning, grading, describing, posting, and shipping each one to a different buyer.

Why we're a better choice than selling to your local comic store, used book store, or antique store

Selling to a local shop is often the easiest option; you go in, they make you an offer, you're done. But the down-side is that you usually won't get a very good price for your back issues. Most local retailers have a very limited market for older comics. In order to find a buyer, they'll have to resell to a comic dealer or resell on eBay, where prices are often weaker due to bargain hunting, unreliable grading, and poor visibility. With this business model, they cannot afford to offer you a very good price for your comics.

Selling to mycomicshop: best price for the least effort

When you sell to us, you only have to deal with one buyer, and all you have to do is list your comics using our easy online system. We can offer you a significantly better price than you would get from a seller operating in a more limited market because we provide trusted single-source online shopping to thousands of comic book buyers world-wide.

2. You can compare our offer to other offers before you ship your comics to us.

After you submit a list of comics to us for sale, we will provide you with our offer for your comics. You can compare our offer with other offers before you ship us any of your comics.

Our advice: get another offer before using our system

If you are not familiar with the current comic book market, we recommend that you get at least one offer from a local comic retailer, used book store, or other comic buyer so that you will have something to compare with our offer. Without other offers, you will have no way of being sure our offer is significantly better.

Here are some comments from comic book sellers who took our advice and got another offer for their comic books before deciding to go with us:

  • Buddy, When I decided to sell my comic collection, my wife and I spent a lot of time browsing the web to find sites that buy comic books. There are a lot of them out there, but we finally decided to go with yours because it looked so professional, and seemed really upfront about everything. We even took your advice and asked around at local comics shops first, to get an idea of what the books were worth. From the ho-hum responses (and of course they wanted to pick them over instead of taking the whole collection), we decided to send them on down to you. Boy are we glad we did! --James S. from Missouri

  • Gentlemen, I followed your advice when I decided to sell my comics and went to three other stores in my area. While there was interest in some of my comics, there was little interest in my entire collection. I must say that your offer was by far the best. As a matter of fact, your offer was just over three times my local offers. Your evaluation was very much in line with what I received here, but your offer was much better. I didn't have to haggle or offer some of my books to sell others. You made this real easy. Thank you for your honesty in your evaluations. I see that there is a great deal of integrity within your organization. In an era of false advertising, it is hard to know who to trust. It is good to see someone you can rely on to mean what they say. Thanks again for making this easy for me. --Mike S. from New Jersey

  • I wholeheartedly endorse webuycomics.com as the way to go if you are looking for an efficient way to sell your comic collection for a great price. I had about 1000 comics from the 60's which I wanted to sell. I wasted a LOT of time on Ebay trying to do something myself and then saw Buddy's buy/trade system and felt it was the way to go. Just to be sure, I took a stack of comics and ran them thru his cart system and approximated that they would be worth $1,200 to him. I then took the same comics to a dealer in New York which is close to me. After looking thru them, he offered me $600 (and with the attitude that he was doing me a favor). I sent the same comics to Buddy and got the $1,200.00, the first of several sales I made to mycomicshop.com. The payments are sent super-fast and it is just a pleasure doing business with this outfit. I have received more than I had even hoped for when I was planning on doing the Ebay grunt work! Buddy is definitely the way to go. --Mike R. from Connecticut

  • I gotta tell you, you're pretty much going to be the only person I sell to in the future. Your offer came in about $200 over the next highest offer when I sent you the Amazing Spider-Man books last month, and you offered $300 more than the other four folks I talked to regarding this latest grouping. So, yes, I will more than happily accept your offer of $1,177.25 for my Golden Age lot. I also have a few friends who I know are thinking of selling their books as well and I will definitely guide them in your direction. As always, a pleasure doing business with you. --Jon D. from California

3. We pay some or even all of your shipping cost.

We will pay you a shipping rebate that will cover a portion of your shipping cost, or sometimes even all of your shipping cost. Detailed Shipping Rebate Info

4. We can be trusted with your comics.

Our owner, Buddy Saunders, has been collecting and buying and trading comics since 1961.

We have a longstanding reputation for fairness and reliability. On mycomicshop.com, we stock the largest selection of comics in the world, a selection we've been able to build because we pay very competitive prices and pay promptly. Every year thousands of individuals and comic stores turn to us when they are ready to sell comics. We have many sellers who are up to their 50th, 100th or even 500th transaction with us. Please read some of the great feedback from sellers that we have received.

5. You don't have to be a skilled grader to get a fair price for your comics.

If you don't know how to grade comics or aren't confident in your grading skills, you can still sell your comics to us and be confident that you will be treated fairly and be paid a good price for your comics.

When you're using our online want list system to sell your comics, the most common grade for each issue will be highlighted in green. For example, modern comics are usually near mint, while an issue from decades ago might be most commonly found in very good condition. If you don't know how to grade, we recommend that you record the comic in the grade highlighted in green. This helps avoid the situation in which a seller unfamiliar with comic grading assumes that every comic they have is near mint. This gives the seller a greatly inflated idea of how much their comics are worth and can lead the seller to turn down an offer that is actually a very solid offer for their comics. This is another reason why it's a good idea to get an offer for your comics from a local comic shop before offering them to us; your local shop can give you a better idea of how your comics will grade.

If you take our advice and record your comics in the green-highlighted typical grade, you should be confident that we will grade your comics when we receive them and pay you based on the true grade, regardless of how they were originally recorded. If your comic grades better than the grade you originally listed, we will pay you the correspondingly higher amount.

We never buy a comic at a lower grade and then turn around and list it for sale at a higher grade; the grade we assign when buying your comic is the same grade we use when selling it. You can verify the truth of this statement by watching our New In Stock Comic Books page after you sell comics to us. That page lists all the comics we've recently added to our inventory. If you sell us a comic and we grade it as, for example, Fine, you should see that same comic show up for sale listed in Fine condition a short time later. We also recommend that you read our Seller Feedback to see dozens and dozens of testimonials from sellers who were very happy with our offers and the way we treated them.