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This Week's Features

Justice League #35A
Justice League #35AIt's HUMAN VS. SUPER-HUMAN when a dangerous and bizarre virus is unleashed upon the Justice League. THE AMAZO VIRUS begins here!
Mighty Marvel Masterworks
Mighty Marvel Masterworks Build the mightiest library around with these Mighty Marvel Masterworks collecting the early adventures of your favorite Marvel Heroes. Plus, get lots of bang for your buck with our heavily discounted prices!
Edgar Rice Burroughs Web Comics
Edgar Rice Burroughs Web Comics Edgar Rice Burroughs web comics! New strips weekly, only $1.99/month. Tarzan of the Apes, Pellucidar, Carson of Venus, & more!
Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet HC (2014 Marvel) 1-1ST
Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet HC (2014 Marvel) 1-1STThe Merc with a Mouth embarks on a macabre quest for the Prince of Darkness! Vampires, fangs, and one-liners, oh my! Collects Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet #1-7
Adventures of Superman TPB (2014 DC) 2-1ST
Adventures of Superman TPB (2014 DC) 2-1STThe Man of Steel run a gauntlet of his greatest foes, including General Zod, Lex Luthor, Bizarro and Brainiac! Collects Adventures of Superman #6-10
Sleepy Hollow #1
Sleepy Hollow #1Based on the hit TV show, the Headless Horseman gets a 21st Century makeover as a police detective and an impossible man try to stop the Apocalypse!
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy Who are they? They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy and just in time for their big screen debut you can get caught up on all their amazing adventures with these comics and graphic novels!
mycomicshop Toy Box
mycomicshop Toy Box Warehouse finds, hidden gems and lost treasures! Take a moment to search through our eclectic and wide-ranging list of action figures, toys, and collectibles and maybe you'll just find your own lost treasure.
Evil Within #1
Evil Within #1Based on the new horror survival game this this all-new prequel invites readers to experience the deranged world created by Shinji Mikami.
Amazing Spider-Man TPB (2014 All New Marvel Now) 1-1ST Parker Luck!
Amazing Spider-Man TPB (2014 All New Marvel Now) 1-1ST Parker Luck!Peter Parker, the one true Spider-Man, is back! It’s a new dawn for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but will his 2nd chance at life be cut short by the recharged & re-energized ELECTRO! Collects Amazing Spider-Man #1-6
Witchblade Case Files #1
Witchblade Case Files #1Take a look into the personal files of Sara Pezzini - 19 years and 180 issues of juggling her career as both a law enforcement officer and the Balance of Good and Evil!
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #8A
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #8AThe Dinosaur Hunter forges a new destiny in this epic conclusion to a tale that will decide the fates of Turok and Altani, Captain of the Mongol skyriders!