Comic Value Packs

Each pack contains 2-lbs. of comics. Typical comic count 18 – 22 comics, but 2-lbs. of comics guaranteed! Choose from a wide selection of packs, each sorted by character, genre, or publisher. If you like a given character, order that character's value pack and you'll get just titles with that character. Like westerns? Order a western pack. We offer all kinds! Try one or two. If you like them, go for more.

Within single packs, rare duplication is possible. Multiple packs of the same category may contain minor duplication.

  • Modern Era Packs contain comics in grades ranging from NM to FN with an occasional VG possible. In Modern Era packs you'll typically see more VF-NM than other grades.
  • Pre-1981 Packs contain comics in grades VG or less with FN or better much less common.

We think you'll love the issues you get as much as you'll love the low, LOW price!

The comics pictured are just a typical sampling and are not the assortment you will receive. All Value Packs are sold on a non-returnable basis. Pre-1981 packs should have content suitable for all-ages. Modern packs may contain content unsuitable for younger readers — parents, please check for age-appropriate content, and note that packs marked "MR" contain comics specifically intended for mature readers.

We're sorry, but we cannot ship value packs to destinations outside the US.