We Buy Comic Books from All Eras, Collections Large and Small

Welcome to We Buy Comics, the online buying system of mycomicshop.com, the largest comic book retailer on the web. We make it easy to sell your comic books, and we pay higher prices than you'll find elsewhere.

  • We buy Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age comic books (those published up through 1979). We are always looking to buy comics from this period, and we pay very competitive prices.
  • We buy Modern-era comics, graphic novels, and TPBs from 1980 up to today. There are over 150,000 issues on our online want list, which shows you what we're buying and how much we'll pay.
  • NEW! You can consign your books for sale right here! We offer low commission, on-site consignment. Read our terms and get started selling to tens of thousands of collectors.
  • We buy collections. If you want to sell your collection, we will buy your entire collection without cherry-picking only the best issues.
  • We buy bulk Silver and Bronze from shops and dealers. Please contact us at (817) 860-7827 for details.
  • Get more information on our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Why should I sell to you?

  1. Get a better price with less effort. More...
  2. You can compare our offer to other offers before you ship your comics to us. More...
  3. We pay some or even all of your shipping cost. More...
  4. We can be trusted with your comics. More...
  5. You don't have to be a skilled grader to get a fair price for your comics. More...

Why should I sell my collection to you?

  1. You don't have to be a skilled grader. We'll need a list of your comics, but we won't expect you to provide grading for each issue.
  2. You can compare our FIRM offer to other offers before you ship to us.
  3. We will buy ALL your comics.
  4. We will pre-pay the shipping cost (UPS ground).
  5. We'll treat you fairly. See what hundreds of sellers say about their selling experience with us.
  6. We're reliable. Lone Star Comics has been in business since 1977 (when we opened our first store). Owner Buddy Saunders, with whom you'll be doing business, has been a comic collector and retailer since 1961 (Our First Ad).
  7. We're listed with Dun and Bradstreet.

To start selling your comics, choose Want List or Collection:

There are two ways you can sell comics to us, both of which are easy to use and will pay you very competitive prices for your comic books:

Want List Buying: Sell comics on our want list Collection Buying: Sell my entire collection
Choose this option if:
  • Your comics are primarily from the period 1981 to present.
  • You want to sell some comics but don't want to sell your entire collection, or you have only a small number of comics to sell.
  • You are a retailer or dealer with excess inventory to sell.
  • You want to use our Printable Want List and our Want List Buying system to buy comics at comic conventions or online (eBay, etc.) that you can then resell to us at a profit.
Choose this option if:
  • You are a collector wishing to sell your entire collection.
  • Your collection includes comics from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, or a large number of comics (several hundred or more) from 1981 to present.
  • You are a comic store and you want to sell a collection you've purchased or are thinking of buying. In the latter case, submit the collection summary, get our offer, then buy from the seller only if our offer gives you a satisfactory return.
What We'll Buy

Our want list of comic books and graphic novels contains over 150,000 issues (including almost all issues published before 1981) and is updated daily as our inventory levels change.

What We'll Buy

We will buy your entire collection, even issues not on our want list. Our preference is complete collections (not cherry-picked) consisting of mostly older comics from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, but collections of newer comics are also welcome. Please do not use this option to submit store overstocks and the like (lots of multiple copies, random issues).

Your Payment Options

We pay 120% to twice as much in online online credit as we do in cash.

All Comics Cash, Credit

We are buying all comics, regardless of era, for cash or trade credit.

Your Payment Options

We pay 120% to twice as much in online online credit as we do in cash.

All YearsCash, Credit
All comics, regardless of year published, may be sold for either cash or credit via Collection Buying.
Want List Buying: How It Works
  1. You record the comics that you want to sell using our easy online buying system. For each issue, you will see if the issue is on our want list and how much we'll pay for the issue. If you have modern comics and a barcode scanner, you can use your scanner to record those comics.
  2. You can review the comics you've recorded and choose which ones you want to offer for sale.
  3. Submit your list of comics for sale.
  4. We will respond with an authorization for you to ship your comics. At this point, you will know our offer for all of your comics as you have graded them.
  5. You ship us your comics. You do not need to type a list of what you're sending; our system will generate a shipping invoice that you can print.
  6. We receive and grade your comics. If our grading agrees with what you originally recorded, you will be paid the amount of our original offer. If any comics graded higher than what was originally recorded, you will be paid proportionally more. If any comics graded lower than what was originally recorded, you will have the option of either accepting a proportionally* lower offer or having the comics securely packaged and shipped back to you (More information on your retraction option).

    Of the millions of comics (literally) we have bought through our online system, sellers have accepted our offer on 99.75% of all the comics shipped to us. We always sell comics at the same grade assigned when we bought the comic; you do not need to worry about us buying it from you at a lower grade and then selling it at a higher grade. For more information, see our feedback from sellers. Also, you can review our New In Stock Comic Books page, which lists comics we've recently added to our inventory.

    * Please see our notes on comics with little or no value.

  7. If you choose to be paid in cash, we'll mail you a check within two business days. If you would rather receive mycomicshop online credit, your credit will be issued to your mycomicshop account for immediate use.
Collection Buying: A Quick Overview
  1. You send us a summary of your collection. The summary includes questions about how many comics you have, their age, general condition, etc. It can be filled out in as little as five minutes. If you already have a text file, Excel CSV spreadsheet, or some other document listing all the comics in your collection, you may attach this document as part of your collection summary.
  2. We will review your collection summary, and then contact you via email or phone within three business days. We will ask you to provide a complete list of your collection at this point. There's no grading required — just list your titles and issues. Your collection may be submitted one of two ways:
    • You may enter your comics into our collection recording page. Listing your comics is easy and quick. Collections submitted in this way receive a firm offer within three business days. We recommend you do so even if you have a list of your books.
    • If you decline to enter your list via our system, you will need to provide an asking price during your survey. We will not make a counter-offer, but if we refuse your offer you will be welcome to resubmit your collection via our Want List Buying system.
  3. When we have agreed on a price, you will be prompted to ship us your books. If you entered your books into our system, we will arrange for your shipping via UPS Ground or ground freight (within the continental US only).
  4. Once we receive your collection, we will verify the collection is as represented and send payment to you within two business days. If you choose to be paid in cash, we'll mail you a check. If you would rather receive mycomicshop online credit, your credit will be issued to your mycomicshop account for immediate use.
When selling comics using Want List Buying, all items offered for sale must be graded. If you are not familiar with comic grading, you may submit your comics using the "typical grade" highlighted in green. Should your comics grade higher, we will gladly give you the higher grade and consequent higher value. Should you not be pleased with our grading of any comic, you may retract it under our retraction terms and we will return it to you. We've made every effort to make our buying system as easy and fair as possible. We grade carefully and fairly, and we always sell a comic just as it was graded by us at the time of purchase.
When selling comics using Collection Buying, you do not need to individually grade your comics. Your collection summary (takes about five minutes to fill out) will in most cases provide all the grading information we need. If you have books graded by CGC, you will be able to note that fact, and we will pay you full value based on the precise grade of the comic.
Shipping: We pay you a shipping rebate

We will add a shipping rebate to your credit or cash total to compensate for the cost of shipping your comics to us. Depending on what comics you're selling, the shipping rebate will cover some or may even cover all of your shipping cost.

Shipping: We can pay your full shipping cost
If you elect to record your collection into our system, we will prepay your shipping via UPS or ground freight. If you send us a list and an asking price, we will reimburse you for half of your ground shipping costs. This offer applies to the continental US only.
Sell Your Entire Collection
1. Describe your collection & offer it for sale
2. We will respond within 3 business days.