We make it easy to sell your comics

We are the largest comic book retailer in the world and buy from thousands of individual comic sellers just like you across the United States and around the world. We also buy estates and offer generous consignment options. Whether you're a long-time collector or are new to comics and just trying to figure out what to do with a family member's old collection, we make it easy to sell.

Option 1: Sell Your Collection

Is your collection outstanding? We will travel anywhere in the U.S. and Canada to look at it. Call us at 817-701-0703, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Central to speak with a comic buying specialist. We buy complete collections--everything--when the collection is at least 50% comics and magazines with a cover price of $0.65 or less (items published 1986 or before). We also work with a nationwide network of trusted comic buyers, so no matter what part of the country you're in, we will either travel to your doorstep ourselves or put you in touch with a reputable local buyer who can come out and make an offer for your comics.

Option 2: Sell or Consign Using Our Online Buying System

You can sell or consign using our online buying system. Our want list is updated in real time based on our current inventory needs: it shows which issues we are buying and how much we're paying. Please note that many comics published after 1980 are not on our want list at all times if we are already well stocked.

More information: How to Sell Your Comics Using Our Online Buying System and How to Consign Your Comics

Option 3: Ship Your Comics for an Offer

Any group of 100 or more comics with a cover price of $0.65 or less (1986 or older) can be shipped directly to us for an offer, no prior authorization required. Even if you have fewer than 100 comics to sell, this option may be available for higher value older comics with a cover price of $0.20 or less (roughly 1970 or earlier)--call us at 817-701-0703 to discuss what you want to sell. Once your comics arrive at our warehouse, you'll receive an offer within two business days and we pay immediately on acceptance of our offer. If our offer isn't better than the best offer you received from your local comic shop or antique store, we'll return your comics to you at our expense (US shipping only). Option 3 Instructions: How to ship your comics for an offer

Option 4: Bring Your Comics to Us

We will buy any and all comics that are brought to our office at 1800 Timberlake Drive, Arlington, TX. If you intend to bring comics in for an offer, please call us at 817-701-0703 ahead of time to make an appointment.

Call us at 817-701-0703 with any questions or to discuss your comics and selling options. We have been in business since 1960 and have an outstanding reputation within our industry. See what other sellers say about their experience selling to us.