How to Sell Your Comics to Us

  1. You record the comics that you want to sell using our easy online buying system. For each issue, you will see if the issue is on our want list and how much we'll pay for the issue. If you have modern comics and a barcode scanner, you can use your scanner to record those comics. We also provide a printable version of our want list that can be helpful in some situations, such as if you are attending a comic convention and looking for comics to buy for resale to us.
  2. When you've finished recording the comics you have, submit your list of comics for sale.
  3. We will respond with an authorization for you to ship your comics. At this point, you will know our offer for all of your comics as you have graded them.
  4. You ship us your comics. We provide a shipping invoice listing your comics that you can print and include with the shipment.
  5. We receive and grade your comics. If our grading agrees with what you originally recorded, you will be paid the amount of our original offer. If any comics graded higher than what was originally recorded, you will be paid proportionally more. If any comics graded lower than what was originally recorded, you will have the option of either accepting a proportionally lower offer or having the comics securely packaged and shipped back to you. More information on returning comics if you decline our offer
  6. When your sale is complete, we'll mail you a check within two business days. Or, if you would prefer to be paid in MyComicShop online trade credit, your credit will be issued to your account for immediate use.

Selling Your Comics: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Consign Your Comics for Fixed Price Sale or Auction

Full Consignment Information

  1. Comics with an expected retail value of around $40-50 or more are eligible for consignment. CGC, CBCS, and PGX slabs with an estimated retail value of $25 or more are eligible for consignment. Any slabbed comic graded 9.8 or better is automatically eligible for consignment.
  2. Record the comics you want to consign or auction, submit your list to us, and then ship your comics. Make just one easy shipment to us, instead of shipping off one item at a time to dozens of different buyers on eBay.
  3. When we receive your comics, we'll grade them and scan them. As soon as they're ready, you'll be notified by email. Then you use our web site to set prices or assign them to auction. We provide sales data to help you set your prices, and are also happy to provide pricing advice.
  4. When your items sell, we pay promptly and can issue your payment as a check, pay you through PayPal, or pay you in MyComicShop online credit. Our commission is 10% on sales up to $300 (minimum $5.00 per item), 8% on sales over $300, and 6% on sales over $3000.

We Make It Easy to Sell Comics

We buy over 100,000 comics every month: Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Modern-era comics, graphic novels, and TPBs. Our online want list shows you which issues we're buying and how much we'll pay, allowing you to compare our offer to other offers before you ship, which can provide peace of mind that you're getting a fair price for your comics.

You don't have to be an experienced comic grader. We have been buying and selling comics since 1961 and will treat you fairly even if you're not familiar with comic grading. More about grading

We Help You Get the Best Price for Your Comics is the highest-trafficked, highest volume comic store in the world, and we're also the largest comic seller on eBay. Because of our large world-wide customer base, we can pay better prices than you would be offered elsewhere, and we also provide a shipping rebate that will help cover a portion of your shipping cost. For high value key comic books, we pay a high percentage of market value (Overstreet Price Guide, GPA).

If you prefer to sell via consignment or auction, our commission rates are often significantly cheaper than your alternatives. For example, eBay charges a total of 13% of the sale price, consisting of a 10% final value fee + 3% charged by PayPal--plus listing fees. In comparison, we charge no listing fees and our commission is only 10% on sales up to $300 (minimum of $5 per item). Our commission drops to 8% on sales over $300 and 6% on sales over $3000.

We Buy Bulk Silver and Bronze from Retailers and Dealers

Please email us at or call (817) 860-7827 for details.