How to Ship Long Boxes

There's no better way to ship large quantities of comics than in white comic storage boxes, commonly referred to as "long boxes" (white corrugated double-walled boxes with lids that are designed for comic storage). Most collectors already have their comics in comic boxes, and they are available at most comic book stores.

  • Place a few sheets of corrugated cardboard inside each end of the box to provide extra strength and protection.
  • Seal the lid to the box with 2 inch clear tape. If you have extra lids, you can provide even more corner and edge protection if you place a lid on the bottom of the box and seal this lid to the box the same way you taped the lid on top.
  • Reinforce the barrel of the box by wrapping it all the way around with three equally spaced bands of reinforced strapping tape.
  • Do not tape over the box handholds on each end as this will cause the people handling your box to lift it by the ends of the lid, which can result in the box tearing open.
  • You should only use boxes that are still sturdy, not weakened by excessive handling and wear over the years.
  • Comics may be shipped unbagged, bagged, or bagged/boarded.