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She-Hulk Sensational (2010) 1 comic book

  • Issue #1
    She-Hulk Sensational (2010) 1
    • Discounted from $8.00.

    Written by PETER DAVID and BRIAN REED. Pencils by IBAN COELLO & JONBOY MEYERS. Cover by GARY FRANK. You NEVER ask a woman her age...especially when she can bench press tractor trailers! But She-Hulk's big secret is out, because Marvel's celebrating 30 years of the jade giantess and you're invited to the party! Join acclaimed Shulkie scribe Peter David for an anniversary tale unlike any other! And if you're still feeling savage, writer Brian Reed (MS. MARVEL) and artist Iban Coello are hosting an after party in honor of the buff bombshell and her most fabulous friends! With a classic John Byrne She-Hulk reprint as the nightcap, you're guaranteed to have a gamma-gamma good time! 80 pages, full color. Cover price $4.99.