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Uncanny X-Men comic books issue 372

  • Issue #372
    Uncanny X-Men (1963 1st Series) 372

    X-Men the Shattering, Part 1 of 12. cover by adam kubert & matt banning alan davis/adam kubert/matt banning THE SCOOP: The next round of mutant mysteries starts here! The X-Men no more?! The team is thrown into turmoil in this lead-in to ASTONISHING X-MEN #1! ? THE STORY: Has the Dream failed? In the wake of Magnetos ascension in Genosha, and their harrowing experience in space, Professor X comes to a terrible conclusion that could change his students lives forever! While Cyclops and Phoenix race to the Xavier Institute in a last minute effort to avert this crisis that strikes at the heart of the Children Of The Atom, a new menace stalks the burgeoning race known as the Mannites! Meanwhile, the star-lost X-Man known as Bishop makes his way home! Continued in X-MEN #92! ? THE CREATORS: Brought to you by those fine gents named Alan Davis, Adam Kubert and Matt Banning. FC$1.99" Cover price $1.99.