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Comic Estate Planning Service

We are pleased to offer a one of a kind service to serious comic collectors: our Comic Book Estate Planning Service.

Benefit of Estate Planning

Collectibles like comics are hard to value and hard to sell compared to other assets. A collector has the benefit of a lifetime of knowledge and contacts with reputable buyers and dealers, but without you, the original owner, around it can be much harder for your surviving spouse or children to know how to handle your collection.

The Comic Book Estate Planning Service ensures that your collection will be a positive opportunity, and not be a burden on your heirs. It provides an easy to follow blueprint so your wishes are known. You and your family can rest easy in the knowledge that your collection will be handled fairly, as directed by you to the maxmium benefit of your family.

How It Works

The Comic Book Estate Planning Service is available for collections of comics dating from the 1980s and older, with a total market value of $20,000 and up. A one-time fee of $50.00 is due at signup.

We will work with you to create an accurate inventory of the contents of your collection. Once your collection has been cataloged, we will help you create an estate plan. Your personalized plan will document your wishes for how you want your collection to be handled.

If your plan includes the possibility of the sale of all or some of your collection after your passing, we provide multiple sale options that insure your heirs will be treated fairly. These options include:

Once you have registered your collection, you will receive annual reports documenting the estimated market value of your collection.

Your completed estate plan will be available for your reference at any time. We will provide an estate plan document you can file with your other estate papers. Your estate plan provides an easy starting point to guide your heirs in handling your collection after you are gone.

About Us

We are Lone Star Comics, doing business online as MyComicShop. We are a two generation family business: Buddy Saunders started as a comic collector in the early 1960s, was involved in early comic fandom as a writer and artist for Star-Studded Comics and the long-running Rocket's Blast-Comic Collector. You'll find Buddy's ads in fan publications from every decade, and he even has a full-page ad in the very first edition of the Overstreet Price Guide published in 1970. Buddy opened his first Lone Star Comics retail location in 1977. His wife Judy joined the rapidly growing business in the 1980s, and their son Conan worked for the company as a teenager in the 1990s before overseeing our move to selling online.

We are the largest comic book retailer in the world and the biggest comic book seller on eBay. It takes over 100 employees to do what we do--nobody buys and sells more comics than we do. We are successful because we are committed to providing great service to our customers, which includes not just our buyers but also the sellers and consignors who work with us.

Get Started

Please contact Conan Saunders at or by phone at 512-808-7099 to get started.