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MyComicShop Affiliate Program

The MyComicShop Affiliate Program pays you 10% cash or 15% credit on the first order placed by every new MyComicShop customer you refer to us via web site link referrals. Some exclusions apply: orders placed by accounts that are already existing MyComicShop customers prior to the referral will not be credited as a referral, and any consignment or auction items purchased are excluded from referral order totals.

All you have to do is create an Affiliate account and link to MyComicShop with your Affiliate ID in the URL of your links.

You will periodically receive an email detailing how many orders you were credited for during the time since your last referral payment, and the total dollar amount you earned. If you chose to be paid in cash when you created your affiliate account, you'll receive a check in the mail within a few days. If you instead chose to be paid in MyComicShop credit, the amount will be deposited in your credit account and will immediately be available for use at MyComicShop.

How do I sign up?

First, create an Affiliate account. After you've done that, read how to link to MyComicShop with your Affiliate ID in the URL so that you get credit for your referrals.