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Warlock (1982) Special Edition Reprints 1 comic book

  • Issue #1
    Warlock (1982) Special Edition Reprints 1

    New pin-up and wraparound cover by Jim Starlin. All of the stories are Starlin reprints: "Who is Adam Warlock?" (from Strange Tales 178); Sphinxor retells the Origin of Warlock, his encounters with Thor and the High Evolutionary, the Creation of Counter-Earth and Warlock's Battle against the Man-Beast. "Death Ship!" (ST 179); Warlock is captured by Autolycus of the Black Knights and brought aboard Magus' Flagship; His fellow prisoners tell Warlock that survivors of the Wars of the Church are taken as slave laborers. The first half of "Judgment!" (ST 180); While battling a couple of the Black Knights, Warlock decides that he must destroy the Soul Gem; However, as he takes it off, Warlock collapses and realizes that he can no longer exist without the Gem as it has been sucking out his Soul. 52 pgs., full color. $2.00. Cover price $2.00.