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You have a great selection of titles, many that are unavailable in New Zealand. The trade deal we made was very fair and gave me good value for the comics I traded. The credit makes it very easy to choose from your great selection.
— Greig D., Milton, New Zealand

I`ve been looking for this book for a while now. Glad I found it on your site, and cheaper than your competitors (Somehow that doesn't surprise me.)
— Stan B., Oklahoma City, OK

Amazing selection! I have been looking for these for years. Thank you for working this hard and stocking such a variety of titles.
— Jordan F., Midland, TX

Thanks for having so many back issues available for me to catch up after four years away from my Batman titles. Take care.
— Ken L., Elk Grove, CA

Your selection is excellent.
— Harley M., Miami, FL

It's a great site. It's so hard to find back issues that I missed, and when I found this site, I was filled with joy that I could get those issues that I missed.
— Robert G., Portage, MI

This is the first time I have ordered from your store. You have a lot of things in stock which I wasn't sure I would find.
— Matt K., Des Moines, IA

I'm filling in gaps in my eclectic collection, but I didn't realize this gap would be such a huge one to fill. Fortunately, your prices are great! Thanks!!
— Craig R., Markesan, WI

This site is one of the easiest to navigate sites that I have purchased from, and, without a doubt, the best comic book site that I have done so from. Your selection is also heads and shoulders above any other site I have seen.
— Gerald W., Fayetteville, NC

Thank you for having available comics that I have been searching for over many years due to lack of supply to my regular supplier. I look forward to doing business with you again.
— Jason B., Glenorchy, Australia

This is gonna sound a bit sappy, but that's the kind of gal I am. Thanks for the great newsletter every week, for having so many of my favorite titles and for emailing me when my "want list" items are in stock! I'll buy-n-sell with you guys every time. You rock, plain and simple.
— Jennifer B., Waukegan, IL

I wasnt planning on ordering again so soon, but my want list item showed up so i figured why not? You guys are good. Thanks for the great service!
— Michael G., Hudson, WI

Thanks so much! I never thought i would be able to find these old back issues so easily. Your ads in the comics led me to your site. Keep up the great work!
— Raymond P., Salinas, CA

Finally! Been looking everywhere for this one!
— Andrew K., LSC, TX

Thank you for my last order. The comics were in great shape. You have the best selection of books in the country and I plan to spend thousands with your service. Thanks and have a great day!
— Marc T., Fort Walton Beach, FL

I am just now getting back into collecting comics after about a decade, and I was very suprised that you had the old comics that I used to like in stock! Thank you for providing me the oppurtunity to get back into collecting again! I'm 22 and I haven't collected since I was 10. Once again thank you for having an awesome backorder inventory!
— Aaron M., Longview, TX

Man, this is the greatest comic site of all time. I have been looking for these books all over Chicago and Ebay, and I was never able to find them. Then, I find this site and you people have everything. You are a comic book store god. Please continue with your awesome selection. Thanks
— Robert Q., Chicago, IL

Thank you for having a huge selection.
— Ronald G., St. Petersburg, FM

I found 90% of what I wanted in your Megastore Section, and put what I didn't find on the want list. It's nice to know that if I get behind a few months I can almost always get caught completely up at anytime. As I have said since I began using this service in April of 2003 you guys are fantastic to deal with. Thank You.
— Timothy V., Jacksonville, IL

Very easy to move around you web site compared to others. Great selection too.
— Sean G., Sarasota, FL

You have the best comic book site I have ever seen. It is even better than any comic store I have ever been to, and I have been to quite a few big ones. Thanks for having all the comics I have wanted for so many years.
— Jason M., Yonkers, NY

Thanks guys. Your service and selection is ULTIMATE.
— Juan G., Alfred Station, NY

This site is great! I found things I have never seem at other sites or stores.
— Breandan C., plymouth, MA

Great website. I've been looking all over the web for a place to buy Simpsons comics, and now I know whenever I miss a copy I can come to you. Thanks for being here.
— John T., FPO, AE

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my previous orders that I have placed. Your selection is amazing and your prices are great! Thank you for offering this service!!!
— Jeff C., South Hill, VA

I just found your website via I'm very impressed. I've been looking to purchase this comic for sometime. You are the first seller I've come across that is asking a fair price and makes me feel comfortable that the comic I receive will truly be in NM or better condition. I've driven to several small dealers locally claiming to have a NM copy only to see an old rag in VF condition at best. MH Comics is asking for an arm and a leg, and who knows what your gonna get when you go through Buy/Sell. When it arrives its going straight to the CGC for grading.
— Gary D., Groves, TX

Thank you for your outstanding product selection, service, and prices. Your website is excellent. Ordering is just as much fun as receiving and re-reading the comics of my youth!
— James F., New York, NY

I have been using your site/company for the last couple of months. The service, site set-up, fast delivery, and selection has been outstanding. I would highly recommend y'all to any and everyone.
— John B., Clarksville, TN

Your site is very easy to use, very intuitive. I appreciate all the very clear shipping options and the option to call in my credit card number.
— Veronica V., Warner Springs, CA

Great selection, great prices. I hope to order from you again soon.
— Byron B., Union, MS

Great site! Beats MH Comics in prices and information by a mile! Keep on adding artist names for searching. Thanks!
— John T., Chicago, IL

I just wanted to use this opportunity to congratulate you on the great service you have here. You are one of my most valued sources for comics because your inventory is so great.
— Zjef H., Maastricht, Netherlands

Found this site purely by accident, stayed half an hour and found eight comics I'd been searching for for several years! I'll definitely be back!
— Gary G., Newport, United Kingdom

I would just like to say that I have placed a number of orders with your company over the last month and I am pleased with the quality of the comics and the care you take to package them and protect them on their way. For people like myself who don't have time to shop around at comic stores a lot, this is such an easy and efficient way to pick up the comics I want. Also, you guys have such an incredible variety of everything it makes shopping anywhere else not quite as good.
— D.R. S., Chilhowie, VA

Thanks for adding to my growing Frank Miller selection! You guys have more titles by him than most other shops.
— Josh D., Eau Claire, WI

Once again I love your service. I always find things that I need to complete my collection. Thanks!
— Matthew P., West Jordan, UT

Thanks again. You all are helping me fill alot of missing issues I never thought I'd find anywhere else.
— David C., Bells, TX

Great place to find those "hard to find" back issues I needed to fill the gaps in my collection. Wish I found you sooner. Thanks Again!!!
— Rhonda G., Forest Hill, MD

I am so glad to have found this service online. I have been looking for these particular comics for months in my area. I hope you make a truck load of cash.
— Aaron L., Lynchburg, VA

I just want to let you guys know how much I apprieciate your service. You must know how hard it is to find good back issues and at such wonderful prices. I have yet to have a bad experience with the merchendise or service, and I just want to tell you to keep up the bang up job!
— Fredrick L., Poulsbo, WA

I am very impressed with your extensive selections and reasonable prices. I've found things I never thought I would.
— William A. D., University Place, WA

I was really impressed by some of the selections that I saw at your site. Lately with the state of the industry being what it is, vendors have had really poor selections of back issues. I will definitely return soon. Thanks.
— Tom B., Sellersville, PA

Nice selection, took me months to find these back issues. Maybe because I live in the backwoods state of South Dakota. Kudos guys!
— Cory J., Rapid City, SD

You have a great selection.
— Marc C., Boynton Beach, FL

Once again, you guys have come through for me with my back issue "need list." I'm very impressed with your selection. Thank you!
— James Y., Street, MD

Amazing number of back comics for a customer who has been away from comics for years and would like to catch up.
— Aer S., Fairfield, OH

Great selection! I have been looking for the old DC Amethyst titles for years!
— Karen A., Houston, TX

Great site! I've been looking for these back issues for some time, but with no luck at all. I'm sure I'll be back again!
— Dan M., Maplewood, MN

Thank you for getting new back issues of Thunderbolts! This will complete my collection!
— Aaron M., Bear, DE

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