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As the curator of an ever-growing private collection of over 40,000 comics and monster magazines, I have to tell you that your grading is second-to-none. Condition is essential to this collection, as nothing below a grade of Fine (6.0) EVER gets in. While grading tends to be subjective and arbitrary - including within CGC guidelines for "slabbed" comics and magazines, to the chagrin, I'm sure, of the "true believers" of CGC certified issues - consistently assigns grades which err on the side of caution. In my experience, this has held true for both the everyday stock as well as the auction offerings. There simply is no other source I look to that is as trusted and reliable - from the grading to the prices and stellar packaging/shipping. Between the on-line shops and brick-and-mortar stores across the US and Canada and beyond, there are literally thousands of sources for comics - and beats them all where it matters to the discriminating collector - in quality and price and reliability. Great job, folks! Keep on keeping on!
— Steve B., Pueblo West, CO

I have a few out of print gems to part with. Trading with you guys is such a pleasant alternative to the drudgery that dealing on eBay can be and the fee-laden ridiculousness that Amazon has become. As always, a hearty thanks to you all!
— Brett G., Milwaukee, WI

Buddy, I've been buying and selling with Lone Star for a few year, now, but I still had no idea how valuable your services could be until I was recently offered some comics from a local collector looking to get rid of them. Thanks to your submission system (I've never seen anything else that could compare) I could find out in advance about what you'd pay me for said comics. Then I was able to make a reasonable offer to HIM for his collection - and MY offer to HIM was about 3 times what a local comic dealer had apparently offered, and even lower than the amount you offered me! Without too much confusion, he trusted me with the books, I packed them up, and sent them to you. You sent me a wonderful check. I then paid the collector as promised. EVERYBODY made money on the deal. I know I was happy, and he was ecstatic to get my offer after talking with the local dealer, and I hope you guys will make money as well. And with your very fast turnaround time, everyone got paid very quickly! No one should hesitate to work with Lone Star Comics for the quickest, easiest, and most lucrative comic book deals available!
— Gary M., Huntington, WV

I'm really excited about selling to you guys and I'm also looking forward to seeing how some of my other comics do in your auctions. This is only my second submission to you guys for sale/trade (my first should arrive tomorrow), but your quick responses and your easy to use website made the past week the most fun I've had selling comics in two years! Thanks in advance for your time.
— Sean H., Baton Rouge, LA

This is my second time dealing with you. The first was after my husband passed away and I found his childhood comics. I was very pleased with your company and the level of service and friendliness I received, so I thought of you again when I found a few more comics that I missed selling the first time. Thank you for making this a very easy way to deal with something that is unfamiliar to me.
— Laurie C., East Aurora, NY

I am sending some of my older X-Men this time, some really beat up and others not as much. While I am by no means a master grader, I trust your judgment when you grade. You have always been fair to me and it is a complete pleasure sending books to you.
— Frances L., Manchester, NH

Thank you so much for your prompt payment and notification. I have never experienced such excellent customer service with online transactions such as this. You are very professional. When I first spoke to you it made me feel confident to deal with Lone Star Comics. I look forward to doing more business.
— Jason D., Fresh Meadows, NY

I just wanted to say thank you for purchasing my comics via your online system. I tried my hand at grading and severely underestimated the value of the comics. When your people graded them, you gave them a higher grade so you ended up paying me double what I originally expected. This shows true integrity on your part. I will gladly recommend you to anyone else who asks.
— Mark D., Ellendale, MN

I have been a longtime loyal customer purchasing pre-orders, back-issues, supplies, consignments and auction items. I have also auctioned lots and graded items through your auctions and commissions. I'm a big fan of MyComicShop. We recently moved, and our new place is much too small for my horde of comics so I want to start paring down my collection. So it is with much reluctance I part with my doubles and triples plus those I simply do not actively collect/read anymore. On the bright side, it frees up dollars and space to purse the purchase and collection of those comics I still actively collect and read :)
— Kirk D., New Wilmington, PA

I am currently selling through you guys (consignment) and loving it. GREAT website. Very loyal fan and customer. Keep up the great work!
— Karl W., Calgary, Canada

I just want to say thank you. I love doing business with you guys, whether I'm buying or selling. You all do a fantastic job!
— Frank R., Drien, CT

I just have to tell you, as a collector who loves to clean house every once in a while (to make room for the new - especially after the holidays), there's no one else I'd rather do business with! While compiling this most recent trade, I compared sold items on eBay and Amazon and couldn't be more pleased with the fair offerings y'all present with this awesome system. Thanks again for the opportunity to do business with you!
— Brett G., Milwaukee, WI

Love comics, love your website! Thanks for always being so great to deal with!
— Jonah S., Farmington, UT

Hi Buddy, First off, I would like to personally thank you for offering the most awesome online comic shop I've ever seen! I've bought loads of here-and-there issues from you over the years, always at great prices and then-some! In reference to selling some of my comics, I just sent a batch out to you moments ago. I am confident of your grading policy. Beyond my own experience, I have heard more than enough fair commentary upon your judgment. Thanks a million, again, Buddy. Your store is my mecca!
— John F., Ewing, NJ

After I declined the offer initially, you guys were nice enough to pull what I sent in, go over the reasons why my books received the grades they did, and reset my transaction so I could go back and approve the offer. Thank you for your help. The customer service I have received from you in the last few weeks since I've been using your site is even better than Amazon. I appreciate you guys!
— Ryan S., Kansas City, MO

I have been a comics fan since early childhood. Recently I became interested in comics from that era '90s. I am filling in some gaps in my original collection and am purchasing titles I missed out on from that period. I have always enjoyed comics for their content more than their collection value, i.e., mint condition was not and is still not a big deal to me. But I have always kept my comics bagged and boarded so they would last. I'm glad I did, as I have some titles that I am no longer interested in can be traded to you for other titles I do want. I wish my local shop would do this, but they are not interested in any titles I have. Your online trading system is a great opportunity and I am glad you guys do this!
— Sam L., Sioux City, IA

I have been collecting since a child. These were all purchased new except for about six comics. They were read once, sealed in protective plastic, and placed in my closet. They have never seen sunlight. I have already sold all my low value comics to you and I am now down to the big dogs. I appreciate your helping me along in the process. I look forward to us both making a lot of money! I need to get these to you a.s.a.p. for your July auction!
— Travis B., Mount Gilead, OH

I was turned on to comics in the '60s when my dad and I went to his barbershop. I stopped reading them in high school and during my marriage. Recently, I had to take over my parents house and found my comics that I thought my mom had thrown away. I remember Mr. Saunders way back because of his ads, fanzines, and the Comic Buyers Guide. Seeing my comics again brought back a lot of memories. Then I found your website. I am thankful to have a good place to sell my old treasures and am thus looking forward to doing business with you. Be patient with me cuz I am a little rusty on my grading.
— Ken L., Seattle, WA

We buy and sell a wide variety of items online, including comics. We have been in business since 2002. After a year of selling to Lone Star Comics online, we can unequivocally state that MCS is the best online buyer we have ever sold any industry. Here's why: 1) Their grading is strict but correct. Their buyers know they are getting a book whose quality matches the grade without question. 2) Integrity Integrity Integrity. We have personally followed comics we sold to MCS: MCS ALWAYS sold our comics at same grade they assigned when they bought them from us. 3) The customer service at MCS sets a standard to which all online companies should aim for: • Emails are answered within 24 hours without exception. • They have gone out of their way to honor special requests. • They are patient and helpful even in the face of problems on our end. • The graders are matter how large the lot or when we send it, the turnaround time is short and consistent. • ALWAYS professional. NEVER a negative attitude. • Problems are fixed immediately. • We have sold MCS Iron Man #1 one week and fifty low end modern comics the next. The treatment and service does not vary. 4) They offer fair and consistent prices. You will never feel gouged or low-balled. 5) Best consignment terms we have ever seen. We have calculated that it is more profitable to consign with and sell to MCS than it would be to sell our comics directly on eBay. 5) They regularly make improvements to the site and their processes. If you run a consignment shop, or buy online study MCS Keep up the good work, MCS!
— Richard H., Seattle, WA

I have recently started using as my online dealer! I was chatting with my local comic book store owner(and good friend, he's the best), and I told him I was using another online shop, and he said, and I quote "No man, they are Rippers, use Mycomicshop instead." He was right! I have already made several purchases from you and couldn't be more pleased! This is my first trade-in for store credit with you, so forgive me if my grading skills are lacking. LOL! Thank you for your service! I look forward to doing business with you!
— Patrick B., Bastrop, LA

This collection belonged to my late husband and I sat on it for 8 years because I had no idea how to begin to sort and value the books. I called many dealers and they were all dismissive. Your people were pleasant and helpful. Your website database made listing the comics very fast and simple. It is an amazingly good website!
— Molly F., Milford, PA

Thanks, as always! I am always very grateful and humbled that you accept SO many books every week from me! The value I get back in trade far exceeds what I send in, in my opinion. Through the combination of trade credit, your already low prices, unparalleled selection, and codeword discount, I have read material that I couldn't have otherwise afforded. I have been able to branch out and discover whole new worlds! Thank you so much for broadening my reading horizons!
— Mike A., Edenton, NC

I sent over three more boxes of comics on Saturday and they should get there today. While I'm writing, I want to say that your consignment program is the best in the business. I have stopped using anyone else and send all my consignment books to your guys. You are always really pleasant and easy to deal with and the process is very smooth for sellers. As a result, I also do much of my purchasing from Mycomicshop because I trust you guys in every respect.
— Michael D., Peoria, AZ

Buddy, You have made a friend. I knew that Lone Star Comics was a bit different then other comic book shops I had dealt with in my years of collecting and selling books. When I got ill and decided to liquidate my retail stock, I looked around and checked around out there but found no other comic book store that even comes close to Lone Star! You have been a kind and gentle soul! I don't know you personally, but after talking with you several times, I could tell you were a man of high moral values! Thank you. Yes, as you noted, comics do become a part of your being. Whenever I stopped at yard sales up in Fort Wayne, the first thing I asked for was did they have any comics. I am sure I will never quit being a collector and a avid fan of comics. While I was recently hospitalized I read comics to pass the time! Lord willing and I am able to beat this illness I hope to land into the mother lode of old Golden and Silver Age comics in someone's attic! If I do and want to sell them, I know who to call! The burden that has been lifted off me knowing that I was able to get rid of around 20,000 comics in one transaction has lifted a lot of stress from my life! Thank you, friend!
— Guy P., Wabash, IN

I want to thank you, Buddy, for sharing the story of your dealings with Sandy & Bill M. That was a great story. And anyone who has met, or has ever talked to Buddy, knows it is the truth! I am astonished at how honest a company Lone Star Comics is. In this sad day and age, where everyone is out for themselves only (and in business and especially government, as well), it is so nice to know I am doing business with "good" folks! You are a great American and I thank you so much!
— Mike A., Edenton, NC

Hi Buddy, Here's another batch I'm ready to sell. Thanks, as always. You and your team make MyComicShop a pleasure to deal with. Sustaining this level of customer service day in and day out is no easy feat. But everyone I meet there exhibits the same outstanding customer service. I always get great communication from folks who sound like they love being there. No fakeness and no lip service. Whatever you're feeding these kids is doing the job!
— Mark D., Santa Barbara, CA

This is a very long overdue thank you for buying my husband's Golden Age comic books back in December, 2012. You and I met at the DFW Comic Books Show at the hotel at Hwy 360 and I-30 back on October 6, 2012. You were very gracious in coming to my car and reviewing a bag of "Strange Adventures," "Tales from the Crypt," and similar books my husband had since the 1940-50's. My husband also enjoyed meeting you that day and feeling like he had something in common with you from his past hobby. After your brief review of the bag of comics, you told us they all might be worth about $1,000 for the bag of about 100 books. That was amazing to both of us. What personal service you provided, especially to this novice comics collector. I brought three similar bags of comics to you right after Thanksgiving and met you and some of your staff at the Arlington office. Everyone was very helpful and kind. You said that in seven days that you would call back with an offer to me. Just as you said, on the seventh day, you called and said I would be happy with your offer. You asked what I expected to receive, and having sold other items of clothing and furniture through consignment, I knew better than to say what I expected before the buyer says what he will pay. BUT, for some reason, I told you that we hoped for $1,000 per bag or $3,000. You could have settled on that amount right then over the phone, but instead, you said I would love the new amount of $5,560 that you were offering us. I was amazed! Not only with the offer, but with the integrity with which you do business. In this day and age, not many people do business by "The Golden Rule" of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. But I can say with confidence and gratefulness that you most certainly do. We prayed blessings from God for you when we received the check and continue to pray each time we drive by your store on Abrams, which we do quite often. You are a beacon and example for all other dealers to emulate. Thank you again, Buddy, for your honest and generous offer for our collection. Your kindness and integrity was so refreshing and we have told all of our friends to do business with you whenever possible. No wonder you are the No. 1 Comic Book internet site and have business from all over the world. May God's favor and blessing continue to surround you all the days of your life.
— Sandy M., Arlington, TX

Hi Buddy, Thanks a lot. Your extra help is much appreciated. Once again you've gone above and beyond. Well played Sir, well played! Headed to storage for another day of pulling and packing books. I looked at my "queue" this morning and there is over $650.00 of want list books there. Ever since I put in the rest of my inventory it's been on fire. You guys are moving some books! I should submit that right now, so that I don't miss out.
— Mark D., Santa Barbara, CA

Hey guys! This the first time I've sold my comics to you, though I've been ordering from your site for over ten years now. You have the best selection, great prices, and I've always been pleased with my products once they arrive. I've spread the word through the years and now my friends order from you as well. If this transaction goes well, I will definitely be bringing my comics to you in the future. Thanks!
— Ben K., Vacaville, CA

I'm constantly on your site. Mostly looking for information about my 11k+ collection, issues I need to fill in holes, and good deals. Great website, great store. Thank you!
— Dave M., Lawton, OK

I have been an avid collector since 1972, but it has sadly become time to sell my comics and let others enjoy them. I must admit the most surprising and pleasant part of this journey has been discovering Lone Star Comics. I knew of Buddy and I had seen his ads in several publications over the years, but after contacting several companies, trying several websites, and reading hundreds of testimonials, I began recording my items into the Lone Star Comics database. I found your site to be a joy to navigate, and the recording process is simple and actually fun! Your site covers details that others never even consider. So here I am at this rather exciting yet sad crossroads of saying goodbye to my babies after 30 plus years. But I feel confident Lone Star is the best agent for the job. I look forward to a long and comfortable relationship!
— Carlton B., Springfield, MA

Warm salutations! Yours is the best and most honest online comic store ever, and the only one I would feel safe to buy from again and again.
— James L., Sterling Road, Singapore

Buddy, I just wanted to take a moment and wish you and your staff a Happy New Year and to say thank you for the fantastic customer service that you offer on a daily basis. It's so very refreshing to deal with a company that takes customer service to heart when so many companies seem to take it or leave it. It is a privilege to do business with you, and I plan to do business with you for many years moving forward. Please pass my thanks and best wishes to all the wonderful people in your company. Thank you and Happy New Year.
— Marc M., Jackson, MO

Hello, My Comic Shop. I have been a collector of comics since, as my mom would say, I was "knee high to a grasshopper" (which I would say since I was 7). I have decided to sell some of my comics to you because after doing about a year of research, I believe your company is the best choice (excellent recommendations, straight forward negotiations, and higher prices paid). I look forward to your response and more business with you in the future.
— John C., Merritt Island, FL

Thanks again for the fair dealing and explaining everything in a polite and helpful manner. Your shop is top notch. I'll definitely recommend it to anyone looking to sell or buy comics.
— Paul M., Mountain View, CA

I always appreciate your suggestions on pricing. You've done a great job for me in the past. With your knowledge and experience you've suggested prices higher than what I was thinking...and they sold, so your suggestions make me extra money.
— Bob C., Medford, OR

I've been purchasing comics from for over a year. You are my favorite retailer. Best back-issue selection I've encountered. Comics always ship on time and arrive in the condition promised.
— Ryland K., Oradell, NJ

Happy 'Beginning of Fall' to Lone Star Comics. Here's my next batch of comics for trade. I've kept your staff busy the last couple of months with my comic trades and buys. I appreciate the hard work that Lone Star Comics does to help ensure that everything runs so smoothly - the quick note from Buddy to let me know my offer has been approved, the employee at the Ft. Worth store who happily takes my box of trade comics, the confirmation e-mail to let me know my lot has been received, Steve writing to inform me of impending payment or issued credit. Such a great system and great customer service! Thanks so much.
— Michael T., Fort Worth, Texas

Hi Matt, it really has been a pleasure consigning comics with you. You guys have been very professional and thorough and helpful. I could give a real ringing testimonial to the effectiveness and success of your consignment service.
— John P., Beloit, WI

I really enjoy your site. So far I've sold a bunch of "commons" and made two purchases. An interesting by-product of using your site is that it helps me hone my grading skills. This year I've been trying to objectively improve my grading. I recently purchased the Overstreet grading guide and want to master the art. While my primary goal is selling the raw comics in this transaction, my main drive for using your site is that it provides a check on my grading. So far it has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you. Keep up the good work.
— Dennis R., Catonsville, MD

I do my best to recommend you to any comic collectors I meet. The services you provide offering trade credit, wish list creation, auctions, store drop-off and pick-up, etc. make it very easy to be a returning customer. Thanks again for what you do.
— Michael T., Fort Worth, TX

I wanted to express my gratitude for the way my trade was handled. Even though there were some differences in my grading and yours, I never felt that I was treated unfairly ($265.31 value by my grading; $265.57 by your grading). I like the fact that I had the opportunity to get the books back you graded lower than me, although in this case I didn't use that option. The whole process was pretty simple. What surprised me most is the ease of recording the books. Your catalog system is easier to negotiate than other sites that are set up specifically for that (sites that charge fees). Anyway, I placed an order just now and it was nice to save some money in my bank account by using credit instead. Thank you for continuing to be the easiest online comic shop to buy from.
— Pat T., Helena, AL

Buddy, the pleasure is all mine. I can't count the number of times your staff have upgraded my submissions and paid a higher than anticipated price. All the kudos and testimonials from your many customers are right on the guys are a credit to not only comic collectors, but all businesses.
— Marty B., Monroe, OR

Consignment sales have gone very well so far this year. I sure hope this is an indication of a very good 2012. Can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the amazingly great service you provide. You just cannot find a better place to sell your comics.
— Steve S., Newbury Park, CA

Merry Christmas Buddy!!! And a big thank you to everyone at Lone Star Comics for all their great work this year. It is a pleasure doing business with you and your staff. There is no place else I could have sold my comics as easily and for as much value as at Lone Star! Happy Holidays!
— Steve S., Newbury Park, CA has been an incredible service that I would highly recommend to comic collectors like myself. Your staff and service have been extraordinarily professional! Many thanks!
— Matt H., Martinsville, IN

Conan, you and your staff treated me so well--and sold my comics so painlessly--last time that I'm back for another round of consignments. Thanks in advance!
— Paul Y., Nashville, TN

Hi Buddy, I used to buy comics by mail from you when I was a kid in Nesconset, NY with my friend Frank P. You gave us great service! Thanks for the memories!
— Rob P., Nesconset, NY

Your site is fantastic, an outstanding tool for collectors and fans. Over the years, I collected the comics and graphic novels I loved, heroes I followed, or just stories I enjoyed reading. Some from my childhood collection is here, but sadly my mother sold most of my comics in a yard sale while I was away at camp many years ago. Some of the comics I'm offering for sale are from my wife's childhood collection. A knowledgeable friend helped me grade the books, but I trust your judgment. He was also the one who told me 20 years ago to store them in bags, for which I am very thankful! From all of the comments of former customers, I know you will be very fair. Thank you for the opportunity and your great site.
— Steve G., Carmel, IN

I love using your online system to sell comics because I feel like I have my own comic books store :-)
— Aaron G., Santa Monica, CA

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