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You guys are the best in selection and availability. Keep up the good work.
— Dennis M., Pottstown, PA

Hello! I want to compliment you on your very quick service, fantastic inventory, and ease of ordering. I personally am not a comic book aficionado, but my adult son is and has been for most of his life. He found your website some time back, and now, whenever it is gift-giving time, he points me in your direction. Recently, I bought quite a few (they are his Christmas gifts) and was amazed that they were all delivered in excellent condition in just a few short days. It is remarkable in this day and age. I'm not sure how you are doing it, but keep up the good work. You are truly a top-of-the-line shop.
— Sharon C., Bethpage, TN

I enjoy how fast you all ship my orders, and I love how the website is constantly updating your back issues for such a huge selection.
— Jason E., Johnson City, TN

Happy Autumn to everyone at! Thank you for the continued great selection of titles at reasonable prices!
— Shawn D., Whitestone, NY

Thanks for extending my collection! I just got into comics and I love what you guys do here.
— Sebastian R., Gilroy, CA

Your website is pretty easy to use. I found the issue I was looking for quickly. Thank you.
— Beau S., Oak Grove, OR

You have a very easy to use site. I was able to find everything I needed and more.
— Keenan H., Northglenn, CO

You have lots of great back issues. Thanks for helping us grow our collection!
— Logan C., Cedar City, UT

I love you for having the Animaniacs comics here and for such a good price. Are you a life saver? I don't know, but you sure are my hero! Thanks!
— Maribel C., Lehighton, PA

You guys are my go-to online store when I'm looking for back issues. I appreciate the safe and secure shipping; books always arrive safely. Thanks!
— James D., Bulverde, TX

Your site came highly recommended by my friend. You have a really organized site and a tremendous selection to choose from!
— Genesis B., San Martin, CA

I'm very excited about my comic! I'm so close to collecting every single book in the series. Thank you for this shop! Have an incredible day.
— Paul G., North Salem, NY

I've been a customer since 2008 and just wanted to say thank you for maintaining your great selection and offering the fair prices that you have for all this time. Keep up the great work!
— Andre B., Hagerstown, MD

I love finding the comics that are out of stock at all the other sellers. Thanks for helping me complete my Phantom Comics collection.
— Milan M., Toronto, Canada

Happy Labor Day to everyone at! May you all enjoy the fall weather ahead! Thank you for the great selection of comic treasures!
— Shawn D., Whitestone, NY

I've been buying from you guys for 20+ years. Your selection, prices, and grading methods have always been top notch. You also pack the comics to withstand a war, which is greatly appreciated with today's post office. Many thanks for the excellent service and selection. You are hands down the best online comic shop out there. Here's to another 20+ years!
— Mark K., McHenry, IL

I’m new to this site. It looks really nice, and the pricing is fair. If all goes well, I hope to return and make more purchases and maybe discover some new things outside of my back issue hunting. Take care.  :)
— Andrew M., Chanhassen, MN

Thank you for having so many great titles available at low prices.
— Steven M., Dover, DE

Fantastic! Terrific! Marvelous! is all of these and more! Mighty selection! Cool comics! Thank you once again.
— Anthony M., Kenmare, Ireland

I'd just like to say that is the best online comic book retailer on the market today. I also like your auctions; they have a very wide selection and terrific shipping services. On the latter, I never have to worry about my books being damaged during shipment. Lone Star Comics is a wonderful company for nerds.
— Phil C., Chesapeake, VA

The best place to get comics ever, with a HUGE selection. Orders are packed and shipped with care. Thank you!!
— Todd L., Sheboygan, WI

Despite being half a country away, I think of you as my local comic shop. It's great to have a reliable resource for vintage comics!
— Anthony D., Twp of Washington, NJ

My only feedback is that you people all absolutely ROCK!! Thank you for filling in my Thunderbolts gap today!
— Derek C., Troy, NY

Thank you for the comics. I have been looking for both of these for a while. I am looking forward to receiving them and hope you have a great day!
— David B., Blaine, MN

You guys do a great job! You have the best prices and the most recent releases available, thanks.
— David R., Orlando, FL

This is my first time using and purchasing from your website. My friend had just ordered from you recently and highly recommended it, so I'm looking forward to your service. The site was very easy to navigate and find what I was looking for.
— Ryan C., Mars, PA

Thank you for having the issues I am missing and great auctions. I plan to buy more comics. Thanks again!
— StevenS O., Attica, NY

Your company is awesome!! You are the only place I can get Tarzan comics for my father! Keep up the great work!
— Vincent S., Ewa beach, HI

You guys are a lifesaver! I’ve been out of collecting since February and my local shop was missing some key issues, and you have them all, and at current prices or lower, no less.
— Scott H., Muskegon, MI

Some of the best back-issue selections out there! We just filled a huge hole in our collection. Thanks for doing what you do.
— Logan C., Cedar City, UT

Great books! You always have the hard-to-find stuff, and your prices are very reasonable.
— Scott F., Gulfport, MS

You have a great service! It was very easy to find what I was looking for and very reasonably priced.
— Mencken G., Waltham, MA

Your website and inventory are amazing. This order will help me finally finish off my Star Trek DC runs.
— Michael K., Marlborough, MA

Thank you very much. I'm glad you had this. You guys are the first place I check when I am looking for a book or comic.
— David G., Santee, CA

Thank you for this wide variety of comics! Sadly, I couldn't find any stores in Germany with such a selection. Best regards!
— Benjamin J., Uetersen, Germany

Y'all are lifesavers for those of us that miss out on comics!
— Anne S., Kenner, LA

I have been trying to get the English version for so long. I am in disbelief that you have the issues that are missing in my collection. When I receive them, I will rave about you everywhere. Thank you so much.
— Maria S., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I have literally been looking for this title for about a decade. I used to work at a small comic dealer years ago, and I read the first two issues while the title was still being published. I was never able to get the entire run until now. Thank you for having it in stock.
— Brian A., Hutchinson, KS is the best comic store in the USA. Great selection of back issues with the best prices! I love it! Thank you, guys!
— Peter H., Anasco, PR

The best place to get all the back-dated books. An ideal place for a book collector. Thanks team. Keep up the good work! :)
— Milan M., Toronto, Canada

Happy summertime to everyone at! I hope you all get some time in the sun with your favorite comic or graphic novel! Thank you for the continued great selection of hard-to-find comics and reasonable prices!
— Shawn D., Whitestone, NY

I just wanted to say thank you for my recent comic book order. I got all the comic books I wanted. I got them in the condition I ordered, often better than expected. To top it all off, I got all my comic books in two days after shipping to a different part of the country, and I didn't even order accelerated shipping. You are fantastic!
— Joshua P., Greenville, SC

Thanks guys and gals. It's been a while, but I know that you are always a reliable source when my local shop is out. Thanks for being awesome!
— Mike P., Sacramento, CA

It's my first time buying with you, and I'm very excited! Your selection is super awesome. I'm looking forward to the books!
— Vincent H., Encino, CA

I love your online service. Anytime my local comic shop doesn't have something, you all deliver. All comics are shipped carefully and securely. Thank you again for your dedication to the comic experience.
— Jeremy P., Brentwood, PA

Great website! It's so easy to find what I'm looking for.
— Thorsten D., Berlin, Germany

I just wanted to say thanks so much and you guys are awesome! I have collected comics all my life and you are helping me fill some gaps in my collection!
— Peter K., Winnipeg, Canada

You guys are the best! Thanks for having release day comics in stock, unlike my local store.
— Richard H., west palm beach, FL

Thank you again for not only having a great selection of products but also having people on your staff who know the industry.
— Thomas N., Manchester, NH

Thanks for giving me a chance to pick up value packs at a cheap price. It matters to a new collector with not a lot of money!
— Ernest B., Edmonton, KY

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