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Our Service

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I can't tell you how great it is to find these and then pick them up at your Arlington store. I really appreciate the scans and grading! I have been out of comics for several years but you make it easy to get some great stories and issues. I love your sales and deal (unlike pricing elsewhere that I have found to be very inflated). Thank you. I also wanted to say thank you for how carefully packed my comics are, even though just coming to your nearby store where I pick up. It means a lot and makes me keep coming back. Thanks to Buddy, Judy, and everybody, and especially to Beth.
— Joe G., Arlington, TX

I can't believe how GIGANTIC your company's selection is! I've tried everywhere, including e-Bay, to try and find some of the items which mycomicshop.com has in ample supply. Plus, your site is easy to navigate AND has a responsive and helpful customer service staff. You guys really are the best! Thanks for everything.
— Ryan H., Anacortes, WA

Dear Mr. Sanders and the "My Comic Shop" crew, I want to thank you for the fair and generous offer for this latest box of comics that I submitted. Your comic site is my absolute favorite. It is a wealth of knowledge. I am especially impressed with the information you provide about individual issues and the attention to detail that you pay to providing the titles of multiple issue cross-over story arcs. I am extremely confident in your grading and assessment of books that you both buy and sell. I have been in the hobby for over 40 years. I have attended countless conventions and visited dozens of stores, but at no time have I encountered such consistent professionalism, fair treatment, and a general respect for the comics. I look forward to buying and selling to you and from you for decades to come. I enthusiastically recommend you to everyone in the hobby. You have my complete trust and you have earned it. Again, my thanks!
— Jordan N., San Carlos, CA

I love your site, the way I have been treated, and I am in awe of the enormity of the information you offer at the site.
— Jordan N., San Carlos, CA

Lone Star Comics has provided outstanding service and taken all the hassle out of finding and collecting comics. Thanks for your quick response and thanks to everyone at mycomicshop.com!
— Andy P., Ashland, MO

I just received my first shipment from Lone Star Comics. What can I say but that you guys run a brilliant store! Your website is the most user-friendly I have come across. From searching through your vast stock to completing an order, everything is simply laid out and effective to use. Packaging is another strength. My shipment came half way across the world secure and undamaged. You guys could teach Amazon a thing or two. Finally, your customer service is brilliant. For example, two of the items shipped had defects and Beth, who I e-mailed with questions, was quick to respond, courteous and extremely helpful. The situation was rectified quickly and beyond my expectations. I didn?t realize customer service still existed--it is something of a rarity these days. I will definitely shop from your store again.
— Leon G., Adelaide, Australia

Buddy, I wanted to let you know that I purchased and received an order from your store earlier this week. The packing was just as sound as you described. My order consisted of backing boards, bags, and comics. All came through without damage, and all comics were in mint condition. By the way, I received a 'canned' response from the other company when I asked why their prices were so much higher. Having seen your prices and now your comics first hand, you have won yourself a repeat customer. I see no reason to pay a higher price at the other store when your shop sells the same product at a better price. Great job, Buddy and crew! Thanks again for all of your time and for taking time to answer my questions.
— Patrick M., Neola, IA

You sure do have my future business. It's so nice to know I am valued as a customer. I appreciate the fast customer service and personal responses that I always receive from MyComicShop. And congratulations on the new web site. It is certainly a success!
— Ray M., Saint Charles, IL

We have had only great experiences ordering back issues from your excellent website in the past six months, which we will continue to do in the future. I have been greatly impressed with your customer service, packaging, fill rate and not the least your expediency.
— Mikkel F., Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Mr. Saunders, I am quite amazed by the personal response I received from you. A quick personal response is just one of those things you don't see much in an online business anymore. I know from shopping around that you guys most certainly run the best comic book site out there. By far, mycomicshop.com has the best prices and selection. I recommend your site to all the other avid comic readers I know. Thanks again!
— Zachary D., La Jolla, CA

Buddy, Thanks for your quick response. Thanks again. It has really been great working with your company. It's not often that you come across a company that is so efficient, fair in grading, and that has such wonderful customer service. Keep up the sensational work!
— Sue S., Lakewood, OH

Asher, Thanks so much for your assistance. Your quick handling of my problem reminds me of why I've been buying from Buddy for years. My very first mail order purchase was from him thru RBCC (Rocket Blast and Comic Collector) about 40 years ago when I was about eight years old. Thanks again.
— Carl B., Evergreen Park, IL

Buddy, I just wanted to thank you for contacting me directly. I am inclined to think that the percentage of business owners/businesses that actually respond to their customers is in the minority, so I very much appreciate the fact that not only did you respond, but that you obviously spent time considering my letter and responding to it. I would like it to be known that your website is outstanding, and is a primary reason I am active in reading and collecting comic books again. It's very convenient for me to look up any comic I can think of, get a picture and some background on it, and know that I have a price up front, and that it is a fair one. While I appreciate traditional comic book stores, I no longer frequent them as I get better pricing, service, and availability through you. I certainly understand the situation regarding the increase in gas prices, and how they have an affect on everything - I travel throughout New Jersey for work, and my reimbursements through work don't even cover the gasoline anymore. Thank you for respecting my opinion on the shipping changes, and thank you for really caring about your customers.
— Garry D., Colonia, NJ

Thanks, Buddy. You run the absolutely best (hands down) comic business in the nation. You can count on this loyal customer being with you for years and years!
— Joel P., Milford, OH

I have been a comic book collector for the better part of 17 years and have been a customer of Lone Star Comics since at least 1994; that's the earliest dated receipt that I've found. The reason I'm writing is because I just finished a semester at University of Texas at Arlington and as I now have time to kick back and relax for a couple weeks before the summer sessions start, I thought I would take some time to share with you some things I've noticed in regards to your company in comparison with some other comic specialty stores that I've had the opportunity to visit. Beginning a couple of years ago, about the time I started college, I began to casually research the different aspects of your company and your competitor (whose name escapes me at the moment). I'm an accounting major at UTA and have always naturally been fascinated with studying the inner workings of companies in certain avenues of business. Of course, since I'm an avid comic collector, I particularly enjoy researching the inventory pricing strategies of your company (I know it sounds unbelievably exciting, but it's interesting to me anyway). At any rate, I'll come right to the point. As a consumer with limited discretionary income, I'd like to point out that one of the greatest aspects of your company is your ability to cater to your customers by offering a wide variety of books at reasonable prices. This point is one of the most important that many comic book retailers overlook. There's little reasoning behind having a great assortment of golden, silver, bronze, and modern age books if they are priced out of the range of their intended audience. My biggest pet peeve is receiving emails about how some retailer just closed a huge deal, purchasing hundreds or thousands of great comics at ?bargain basement? prices, but who doesn?t pass those savings along to the end consumer. So I began wondering how LSC can offer books at prices that are at times as low as 1/3 the cost of other retailers that are the same size or larger. In fact, as far as silver and bronze books are concerned, I don?t believe I?ve seen better prices, particularly on your lower grade silver age and bronze age books. At this time in my life, these books are particularly important to me because while I may not be able to afford, say, ASM #120 in VF, I can usually scrape enough together for a copy in good, or even fair. Some collector?s may find collecting these lower grade books unattractive, but there are some books that I?d rather have in lower grades than not at all. Posed with this price difference dilemma, I started researching price fluctuations on specific titles between Lone Star Comics and those guys in Colorado. Much to my surprise, I've found but one (that's right.....one) example where your neighbors to the northwest have offered a book at a lower price than you. However, in all fairness, this particular comic was being offered at 40 or 50% off its regular price, which was just slightly below the regular price shown on your website. Now, I've taken into consideration that I predominantly collect mainstream (Marvel, DC) titles, and therefore have not spent much time in comparing titles of independent books. However, I feel that my research has provided me with sufficient evidence to make a cohesive argument that LSC has provided its customers with great books at great prices all the time because you care about your customers; not just for two weeks during the Christmas season or over Thanksgiving break, or because you feel you need to liquidate some of your slow-moving inventory. It needs to be said that the point of these findings is not to highlight the flaws of other comic retailers, or to present their business in a bad light. I?m sure that they do their best to offer their customers merchandise at a price they feel is fair. The point is to tell you that the savings that you offer the consumer on a daily basis have not gone unnoticed. I realize that there are numerous costs included in preparing a book for sale; cataloging, salaries, transportation, inventory holding costs, profit margin, overhead, and a ton of other considerations that go into determining the price of a back issue. With all this in mind, I greatly appreciate your efforts to offer these books, regardless of their condition, at affordable prices. Lastly, I would like to take the time to thank all of the employees at your offices, and in your stores (especially Mel from your Hurst store and Jacinda who oversees your subscription service department). They have helped me on a number of occasions, whether it concerned finding a specific new comic or back issue, or accommodating my collecting needs while I was away at school, and therefore couldn't just walk into one of your stores to pick something up. I would also like to thank Buddy who, on one occasion, helped me with a specific problem. All of you, mentioned above or not, have helped make my comic collecting experience a very enjoyable one, and in doing so have created a customer for life. Keep up the good work, and thanks for not forgetting the most important ingredient in making a business successful; the customer.
— Richard R., Fort Worth, Texas

Buddy, Thank you very much. Not just for the correction, but for the promptness of your reply. At every opportunity, your operation has always demonstrated class and professionalism. That's why yours is the only web site I recommend if someone asks me to name a good place for buying back issues online. And I have used several in the past. You're the best in the business. Thanks again.
— Anthony P., San Mateo, CA

Your selection is succulently eclectic, your customer service is as efficient as it is affable, and your prices/sales simply can't be beat! I didn't think it was possible for me to enjoy comics more than I already do, and your shop makes that possible. Thank you so much. Three cheers for the people and staff who make Lone Star what it is, the best!
— Mary S., Stow, OH

Buddy, Thanks for all your support. I have Spiderman 121 on my want list along with about 8 other titles. I'm down to filling the final holes in my collection, so no more big purchases, just one's and two's here and there until I get my collection complete. I want to thank you again for helping me get back my collection, making it better than it was before, and actually getting me excited about comics again. When I get back to the states I am looking at starting to buy new comics again, and allowing my son to buy a few titles (he's eight years old). When it comes right down to it, I looked at your competitor's web sites and prices and they just don't compete. You are the leader in the industry right now--your other competitors don't hold a candle to you. Hopefully, you son Conan will continue your legacy when you decide to hang up the business gloves and go into comic retirement. But I hope that day is a long way away. Till then, however, make mine Lone Star comics! Take care and thanks again, and a special thanks for sending comics to the troops over here. That's the best part of this deal hands down. Your friend and loyal customer.
— Kelly C., Hill AFB, UT

Dear Mr. Saunders, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your help on Wed. of this week. I am a new user at mycomicshop.com, but I have already placed two orders and plan on placing many more. Thank you very much for being so nice; it meant a great deal to me. I really do believe that you have the best site for purchasing comics, your prices are fair (to say the least), and the comics I received were in immaculate condition. At this time I am greatly anticipating the arrival of my second order. It contains Deadpool's first appearance, something I am more than a little excited about. I am also very much looking forward to conducting business in the future. Once again, thank you very much. God bless and have a very Merry New Year.
— Barton S., Concord, NC

Buddy, I am writing to let you know that I just received my first check from you guys. I want you to know that I have nothing but kudos for you and your team at Lone Star Comics. We may have had a few initial speed bumps which were caused by my absolute ignorance to the process, but I am very pleased to report that we are on track now. I appreciate you taking the time to explain how you do business, and I look forward to sending you comics for years to come. Quite honestly, that is about how long it will take me to go through all of the stuff I have!!! Thanks again for your patience. Lone Star Comics is by far the best comic book site on the web. You guys are also one of the best run businesses I have ever seen!!!
— Allan C., Southhampton, NJ

Hi Buddy, Thanks for the quick processing and shipment. This book has been #1 on my want list since the day it was published, and I can't wait to see Little Nemo in FULL size! Once again, I appreciate you taking the time to talk with Steve and get me matched up with this copy. You and your staff are hands down my favorite comics folks to deal with. Until next time, take care and thank you again.
— Scott A., Lincoln, NE

I would like to go on record as sayinig that you guys are the best comic book store I have ever found in my 20+ years of collecting! No hassles, no problems, good back issues sale prices, excellent customer service, and now I find out: A great trade program as well. You can bet if I lived near enough to commute to your store, I would be there every Wednesday. As it is, your subservice plan is excellent. Well done, friends.
— Graham G., Lawrenceville, GA

Again, Buddy, my thanks for your kind note. How you, with a company as big as yours, can still provide personal attention is a marvel to behold. Thanks again from a loyal customer and now an even bigger fan.
— Jordan N., San Carlos, CA

I have used the mycomicshop.com site for many purchases over the last few years and have been completely satisfied with all my orders. I can't say that for your competitors. I will continue to order from you in the future.
— David S., York, PA

I am a very satisfied customer. I was skeptical at first though; buying comic books online was a very big risk. You don't know if what the person advertises is in the same condition you think it should be in. Do they really even have the books they say they do, etc.? I felt very nervous when I made my eighty dollar purchase (for a kid in college that is a small fortune). I was so pleasantly surprised when I got my order today. Everything was there in the shape you advertised it to be in. Great prices, great selection, quick shipping practices. You have just created one very happy customer. In fact I'm compiling my next order right now. Thank you so much for the great books.
— Adam S., Tulsa, OK

Once again, Buddy, thanks for being a great person to know, and for heading up the finest comic organization I have ever come across!! I just can't say enough about Lone Star Comics and Mycomicshop. It really has changed the way I collect, the way I trade, and the way I enjoy comics. I look forward to dealing with you for many years to come.
— James L., Oceanside, NY

I really appreciate your amazing service and selection, it's like a blast from the past. Feels like Christmas every time a package arrives.
— Nevin A., Ladysmith, Canada

The quality of the books you have provided me have been outstanding. Always in the correct condition or better than stated. Never late and I can buy with confidence. Keep up the great work and quality of service. Thank you.
— Jacques T., Maylene, AL

Mycomicshop.com is one of the best online sellers of comics that I have had the pleasure of ordering from. Excellent service.
— William W., Thornton, CO

Order arrived safe and sound today. I just wanted to thank your staff and applaud your company’s mission-objectives regarding comprehensive inventory, excellent customer service (previous $300+ order I placed got ‘returned to sender’ and you made the process easy and stress-free), fair pricing, and precedents set in global comic sales. You have been the marketplace bastion of online comic sales in my 3+ years of ordering bi-weekly, and the tiny issues I have had were accommodated expeditiously. Seeing the package on my stairs this evening, the giddy childlike Christmas morning jubilance was quickly replaced by fear upon noticing a giant gash in the cardboard on a bottom corner. Luckily, your thorough packaging prevented even the slightest nick or dent in the comics themselves, and it’s that type of attention to detail that really proves you guys are top-tier in online marketplaces. You can’t make 100% of the customers happy 100% of the time every time, but you have a very loyal and appreciative client in yours truly, and I just wanted to send some positive vibes your way.
— Spencer K., San Francisco, CA

I truly appreciate and love how you guys package the comics, as well as how you keep them secured in the box. I ordered from a company called xxxxxx comics not too long ago and it was a nightmare, everything came damaged. But not from you guys, I got your package today and every single comic was perfect. Please keep it up, I can tell you care about comics and your customers, so thank you again.
— Alan L., Antioch, CA

You always have fantastic service and such an awesome site for comics!
— Damian K., Swansea, United Kingdom

Wow - you guys are great! I got my mag seemingly overnight, and the packaging is flawless. Your customer service makes me feel like I'm somebody famous or important, but I'm just an average Joe. I am impressed.
— John E., Pittsburgh, PA

As always, thank you and your staff for the excellent care you show your comic book customers, including me!
— Raymond E., Nacogdoches, TX

You’re my favorite comic book store. I’ve purchased from over 40 sellers in the last 2 weeks and you are, by far, the very best in the business. Your site is awesome, with great prices and availability. Your shipping and packaging is also the best, by a landslide. Thank you!
— Matt S., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much. I do appreciate the careful packaging you do, and the superb professionalism of your company!
— Steve C., Aubrey, TX

Thanks again. You folks have the best service and comics!
— William N., Orlando, FL

Thank you for this order and please thank Jessica again for kindly helping with an order this past week. Take good care and have a great rest of your weekend.
— Kevin O., Greeneville, TN

Thank you, MyComicShop, for being easy and courteous to deal with!
— Matt F., National City, CA

I thank you once again for your continued excellent customer service!
— Walt V., Durham, NC

Once again I am very pleased with the patience and the simplicity of this website and company! I can't praise the folks at My Comic Shop / Lone Star Comics enough for everything they do to make this such a worthwhile experience! My hat is off to ALL of you again!
— Ryan P., Hamlin, WV

I appreciate all you've done for me. Some comics are pricey, but they nearly always look slightly better than I expected. Thanks for doing such a great job even during such a wild time!
— John G., Duncan, OK

You folks are the absolute best! You have reinvigorated my love of reading comics. Thank you for the exceptional service. I hope all members of your team are staying healthy.
— Jono D., Montreal, Canada

You all are great. No problems with my orders, comics are in good condition and packed tight.
— Mark C., North Las Vegas, NV

My last order was lost in the mail. The call center was very helpful and kind and issued me a refund as well as helped me find the items in my cart. I hope I may still receive that package and I hope that this one finds its way here more successfully
— William O., Lothian, MD

I love you guys. You always have a variety of comics that I need to fill in holes in my collection and at a very reasonable price. Packaging is professional and anytime I've had an issue, dealing with customer service has always been a very pleasant experience. Thanks again!
— Jacob W., Pawtucket, RI

Amazing customer service and great deals on books I need.
— Clinton R., Owasso, OK

Thank you for shipping securely, appreciate your great customer service!!
— Jeff N., Murfreesboro, TN

Great website. Very responsive customer service.
— David M., Sydney, Australia

I simply cannot say enough about the service, patience, and professionalism of this website, this company, and its employees. Quick service, excellent selection, fair auctions, and just an overall pleasure to be a customer. Take a bow Lone Star Comics! You've earned my business for the past several years and you will have my business for several years to come! I am a Bronze Age and Silver Age collector.
— Ryan P., Hamlin, WV

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