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Customer Feedback

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Satisfied Customers

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Thanks again for a fun experience.
— Willie D., Suisun, CA

Thanks to Buddy for being helpful and informative over the phone.
— Todd C., High Springs, FL

As usual, a fun and easy buying experience!!!
— Paul P., Bonita Springs, FL.

Extraordinary! Absolutely incredible store. Can't wait to get those comics!
— Benoit F., Gatineau, Canada

Thanks! You guys are the best in the biz!
— Bryan G., Lincoln, IL

I read your ad in a comic so I checked your site out. This is the best comic site I've been to on the internet. It's fast and easy to use. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience...I will be back again.
— Willie D., Suisun, CA

Great system you have here folks! I don't know what I'd do without you. Especially in a country like Pakistan where comics are so hard to buy.
— Adeel S., Lahore, Pakistan

You guys are great.
— J. Patrick Y., Oakland, CA

Thank you. I am finding old Spider-Man comics at a reasonable price. Thank you for your service.
— Mark A., Memphis, TN

I would like to say how wonderful is to do business with you. I am finding Spider-man action figures that are out of circulation in the retail stores and comics at a very reasonable price. I hoped to do business with you from here out.
— Mark A., Memphis, TN

You have the best interface for ordering new books by having a user just mark the amounts he wishes. NextPlanetOver makes you click on each and every book before adding it to their cart. You make my ordering experience easier. Thank you.
— Charles Damon B., Durham, NC

I really like your site. It's quick & easy to move around in.
— Gavin C., Saline, MI

Your prices are very competitive. Also it is very easy to order.
— Miguel M., Los Angeles, CA

Hey! Great doing business with you. Look forward to doing more in the future!!!
— Bryan G., Lincoln, IL

Excellent selection.
— Tommy D., North Providence, RI

Woohoo! I found the missing comic to my life collection on your site!
— Robert H., Long Beach, CA

Nice site design, and great response time on searches. Kudos to the developer.
— Dale W., Cleveland, OH

Thank you for the recent shipment. Had so much fun at your site, I had to do it again!
— Dan D., Ellettsville, IN

Amazing number of back comics for a customer who has been away from comics for years and would like to catch up.
— Aer S., Fairfield, OH

This is my first order from you. Right now all I have to say is that it was extremely easy, and the page is great!
— Hector F., Juncos, PR

You have one of the best comic stores online today!
— Patrick S., Middle Village, NY

You guys rawk!
— Eric C., Silverdale, WA

You had all the comics I've been looking for.
— Nick M., Penngrove, CA

I'm back again and you guys have exactly what I'm looking for. You'll see me more in the future!
— Allie D., Boulder Creek, CA

— Dan D., Ellettsville, IN

You folks have a great service and I plan to use it more! Thanks!
— Dale C., Irvington, NJ

You have a great store and lots of comics. I will be shopping here more often.
— Jack V., Arnhem, Netherlands

Much cheaper than shopping at a comic book store!
— Andrew H., Neenah, WI

I am extremely impressed with Lone Star Comics stores and the website. You have a customer for life.
— Charles D., LSC, TX

Great selection of back issues!
— Charles Damon B., Durham, NC

Great site and easy to shop.
— Allie D., Boulder Creek, CA

I wanted to thank you for having an excellent selection and and an easy way to order. I have every intention of recommending your service.
— Joseph O., Riverside, PA

One of the best ways I have spent a Sunday morning, checking out the excellent prices you have for your comics on sale.
— Stuart M., London, United Kingdom

Great shop! Great selection! Thanks for bailing me out again...
— Christiano B., Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

You have by far the largest selection of back issues I have ever come across on the net.
— Michael B., Vestal, NY

Excellent site. Simple, intuitive search engine. Found things easily. Quick loading. Best I've encountered so far.
— Alan R., Clinton, NY

Do you know how long it took me to find a place to order back issues online?!? And then I found! Great service and easy to use. Thanks.
— David J., Cambridge, MA

Thank you for your great service once again.
— Felipe C., Isabela, Puerto Rico

Great selection! I have been looking for the old DC Amethyst titles for years!
— Karen A., Houston, TX

I absolutely loved the store!!! My first experience was great and I'll never forget it!!! Thank you very much.
— Christiano B., Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

My compliments on your web site - it's one of the best comic commerce sites I've been to.
— James B., New Hudson, MI

Great site! I've been looking for these back issues for some time, but with no luck at all. I'm sure I'll be back again!
— Dan M., Maplewood, MN

I'm glad I found your web site!
— Don M., Springfield, MO

WOW!!!!!!!! Never in my life have I found a cheaper and eaiser way to buy comics till I found you guys. This is by far the best comic store out there!!!! Thanx!
— Austin B., East Concord, NY

Thank you for getting new back issues of Thunderbolts! This will complete my collection!
— Aaron M., Bear, DE

This store rocks!!!
— Greg B., Saegertown, PA

You are the only site online I could find that offered comic bags and boxes. Your site is much better than MH. Guess who'll get my business?
— Craig J., Grand Junction, CO

Thank you for making it so easy to get my favorite comics and find the ones that I normally can't find at my comic store. Once again, thank you!
— Jason H., Arlington, TX

Cool site, thanks!
— Karen G., Pensacola, FL

I love this site. You guys rock. You make it easy to find the back issues I've been lookijng for. Thank you.
— John C., Mansfield, OH

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