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Customer Feedback

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Satisfied Customers

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I am really happy somebody made a site like this so I dont have to go tearing up the country side looking for certain comics.
— Brad W., Plano, TX

I've been looking for these books forever, but with your great selection I was able to find them all in one place! Thanks so much.
— Caroline C., Wilmington, NC

You have a great selection.
— Marc C., Boynton Beach, FL

I LOVE this place!!!!!
— Jeffery H., Baton Rouge, LA

Once again, you guys rock!!!!!!!
— Greg N., Palatine, IL

Man, I love this! Easiest way to find comics and pick them up. Thanks! See? There ARE superheroes in the comics world! Go team!
— Joe G., LSC, TX

This place is great!
— Dusty S., Hotsprings, AR

I like your service a lot!
— Nicholas B., Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Keep up the good work! It's a pleasure dealing with you!
— Moshe L., Jerusalem, Israel

You're ability to cross reference titles is excellent. Thanks for the effort.
— Alex V., Eatonville, WA

This is the third order that I am placing with your company. I was extremely satisfied with the first two orders. First, the grading was very accurate; secondly, the communication is great; and thirdly, the turnaround time from when I placed my order to when I received it was fantastic! An overall smooth, easy transaction both times. Keep up the great service!
— Joseph C., Staten Island, NY

Great service. Answered all my questions everytime. Easy way to pick up items close to my work or my home. Great service! Thanks!
— Joe G., LSC, TX

Your packaging on my first order was excellent.
— Brien C., Senatobia, MS

Thanks for the great service on my previous order. You earned my business again!
— Jeff S., De Pere, WI

Online store is great. Easy to use :)
— Jonathan E., BirdsBoro, PA

Nice website. Easy to get around in. I searched other comic shops for days trying to find just one copy and never did. Took me just 2 minutes to find 5 different ones at yours. Thanks.
— Greg E., Cherokee, IA

You guys made my day. Thanks a lot.
— George V., San Antonio, TX

You guys have the best service I've experienced.
— Marcus F., LSC, TX

GREAT service! Thank you.
— Larry M., LSC, TX

I look forward to these comics! Thanks for letting me complete my collections!
— Jamie S., Longmont, CO

I'm impressed with your selection.
— Gregory L., Lexington, KY

You have some great people working at the Ft.Worth store. They make it fun to visit and always happy to help. Thanks for your time.
— Mike S., LSC, TX

Great comic store!!!
— Stuart H., Langley, Canada

Great site. Thanks for helping me find the comics I can't find anywhere else!
— Darren B., 100 Mile House, Canada

As a first time shopper, I am really happy to see a flat rate shipping charge to Canada. Most stores like yours have a flat rate, and then they add an extra charge per comic bought.
— Darrell C., Calgary, Canada

Just very happy your site has the Darkminds #1. I have been looking for it forever. I love this site, has everything for a comicbook lover.
— German O., Feeding Hills, MA

I have looked at over a hundred stores for these items.
— Kevin C., Clarksville, TN

Your employees are very helpful.
— Mark M., LSC, TX

Thanks. Best deal I have had on the net yet! You go Lone Star!
— Joe G., LSC, TX

I hunted for days all over the web, finding odd comics that I was looking for at various different sites. But at mycomicshop.com I found all of them in one place. I'll be back on pay-day.
— Adrian G., Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

This is the second order that I am placing with mycomicshop. The first order arrived, and I was VERY pleased with the condition of the comics and of the quickness that I received my order!
— Joseph C., Staten Island, NY

Wonderful site. Will visit often.
— Keith G. B., Winterville, NC

You actually have stuff I'm looking for; amazing. :)
— Aaron T., Arlington, VA

Love the service. It's so easy to find comics I've been missing for ages, and the service and shipping is so prompt. Keep up the good work.
— Daniel V., Bronx, NY

You guys rock!!!
— Greg N., Palatine, IL

You guys are the best.
— Justin H., Wichita, KS

Once again, you guys have come through for me with my back issue "need list." I'm very impressed with your selection. Thank you!
— James Y., Street, MD

You guys rock!
— Justin H., Wichita, KS

That was so fast, everything is so easy to do.
— Fernando R., Vernon, TX

I'm greatly impressed by your wide range of items available. It took me nearly 3 hours just to browse through your entire comics section! Great place to shop on-line! A rating of 10 out of 10! Bravo!
— Lim K., Singapore, Singapore

The simplest online ordering anywhere.
— Jeff T., Oxford, CT

I spent a lot of time looking around for an easy to search site with a large selection that provided cover scans so you knew what you were getting. Your site is almost perfect. Great job! Thanks for a great shopping experience.
— Jason W., Ambler, PA

I have received my previous order and I am very pleased.
— Hector T., Bronx, NY

Thanks again for a fun experience.
— Willie D., Suisun, CA

Thanks to Buddy for being helpful and informative over the phone.
— Todd C., High Springs, FL

As usual, a fun and easy buying experience!!!
— Paul P., Bonita Springs, FL.

Extraordinary! Absolutely incredible store. Can't wait to get those comics!
— Benoit F., Gatineau, Canada

Thanks! You guys are the best in the biz!
— Bryan G., Lincoln, IL

I read your ad in a comic so I checked your site out. This is the best comic site I've been to on the internet. It's fast and easy to use. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience...I will be back again.
— Willie D., Suisun, CA

Great system you have here folks! I don't know what I'd do without you. Especially in a country like Pakistan where comics are so hard to buy.
— Adeel S., Lahore, Pakistan

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