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I love the ease of finding what I'm after and then ordering from you guys. Awesome!
— Mark E., HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS, Australia

I am super happy I found you guys. I have been searching for years for the comics I just placed an order for. As a little kid, I couldn't afford them and I always wanted them. I am glad you still have them in stock.
— Ricardo G., Lilburn, GA

This has been a very positive experience for whenever I cannot get to my local comic book shop a few towns over. You've helped me keep up to date with Milestone Returns.
— Gregory G., Stony Point, NY

Your shop rules! I appreciate your inventory and prices.
— Bart K., FRESNO, CA

I'm glad to say that I’m using this site to help me collect! It’s a reliable service with a huge inventory. Thank you for the comics.
— Crystal J., Porter, IN

Wonderful online shop! I have found so many individual issues I am missing on this site and it’s been a lifesaver to help me finish collecting different series. Thank you to everyone that makes possible.
— Jeremy W., Red Lion, PA

Thanks as always, team. Your selection is second-to-none, and I know the condition specifications are well above board. Take care and be well, everyone!
— Jeremy B., Murray, KY

Thank you for the terrific service of getting items on my want list! is a one-stop shop! Both trusted and valued!
— Richard M., Orange Park, FL

This is literally the easiest comic website I have ever used. It is extremely helpful and has everything I’ve ever wanted. Keep being awesome.
— Kasper C., Madison, IN

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to the staff of and their families. Thank you for your continued great selection of comic treasures!
— Shawn D., Whitestone, NY

You guys are the best! I love your selection and pricing, as well as the number of shipping options.
— Matt C., Marble Falls, TX

Once again, you continue to impress with your selection, ease of browsing, and simple checkout. I can't thank you enough!
— Will K., Memphis, TN

First off, let me just say THANK YOU! My entire collection was lost in all the chaos that followed some medical issues I had around 3 years ago. After fighting back to a somewhat "normal" life, I decided it was finally time to attempt to rebuild. I found what I could locally, but was losing hope of completing the first run when I started to rebuild. was a saving grace. I found most of what I was looking for, save one issue. I ordered a total of 17 back issues. I received them all in the mail today. They were all in great condition. But what I really wanted to do was to thank everyone at! The care that went into the packaging says it all. All the issues were safe and secure.  So, thank you again for helping me out with my rebuilding. You will most definitely have a returning customer in the future! Y'all take care, stay safe, and enjoy life!
— Russ H., Salem, VA

Thank you for your excellent customer service and finding the things on my want list.
— Nicole K., Fond du Lac, WI

It's my first time ordering. I really like your site; it's very easy to navigate and has a nice selection!
— Shiloh S., Defiance, OH

I love this website. It's super sick, easy to navigate, and has a great selection.
— Bryce T., St George, UT

I'm so glad I was able to find you guys. I recently found a box full of Elfquest comics and was only missing a few from a few different series. Now I can complete the collection!
— Rachel C., Pocatello, ID

Thank you for helping me complete my collection of Something is Killing the Children! You guys have always been kind and have gone above and beyond, so thank you!
— Kevin N., Fontana, CA

Thanks a bunch for the back issues, and for giving me a chance to get the FCBD offerings while I was stuck at work.
— Anthony A., Ellington, CT

This is my first time shopping with you and I am impressed with the ease with which I was able to find exactly what I wanted! Setting up my account was easy as well. Thank you!
— Jesse F., Brandenburg, KY

This is my second time using your service. It's great to know that in an area with little to no comic shops, I'm still able to get the media that I love. Thank you, guys, for your continued good service.
— Mark S., Shelby Twp, MI

This website has been great, and I have found a lot of great books. Thank you.
— Robert C., St. Louis, MO

Happy May to everyone at! Best wishes for a lovely springtime ahead! Thank you for the great selection of hard-to-find issues!
— Shawn D., Whitestone, NY

Thank you. Your team has helped me to assemble a collection of over 8,000 comics, not counting doubles, over the years.
— Edgar S., Clinton, NC

I am always happy to put through a purchase through your company. You've got a great selection and everything comes so neatly packaged!
— Alexander K., Seattle, WA

Thank you. You guys are always spot on. I always appreciate it when you have plenty of independents that I can't always get at the LCS.
— Anthony A., Ellington, CT

Every time I think I'm out, I find a book on your site that drags me back in! I hope you are all having a wonderful day!
— Mark E., Norfolk, MA

Thanks for always having such a great selection of comics at such excellent prices. When I need to fill a gap in my collection, you are always the first online place I turn to.
— Cody D., Calgary, Canada

Thanks for the scans of these issues. I'm glad to have found these. I'm looking forward to reading them.
— Joe G., Arlington, TX

You guys are my go-to for stuff I can't get in town. Thanks for everything!
— Michael T., Wilmington, NC

As always, the perfect sub service for those who need excellent service and complete availability of titles.
— Howard D., Saint Cloud, FL

You do a great job! Thanks for the notification that the comics I was looking for were available. Thank you.
— David T., FLORENCE, SC

This is my first time on the site and I am looking forward to coming back here. I love "diving" for comics at the local stores, but after a while, it's kind of a grind to find the comics I'm looking for, and this site has just made all of that so much easier. You folks rock! Thank you so much!
— Ricky S., Genoa, OH is my favorite online comic store and site! You have the best inventory, website, and service. 'nuff said!!
— Brian T., Utica, NY

You consistently have the best prices, selection, and service.
— Sean M., New Market, MD

Thank you for always having the best selection and prices! Very much appreciated!
— Christopher A., Parlin, NJ

I have had nothing but great service from your company. I’ve loaded my cart with items I’ve been dying to have and will be purchasing more and more each week!!!
— Eugene R., Middletown, DE

I found two comics to get signed from my childhood. The best part is that they are not worth anything, and I love that. Thanks again, I'm so excited to read them one more time. Awesome!!!!
— Gus E., Fayetteville, NC

As always, it's a pleasure to see that you guys have an extensive selection of the world's finest comics. I look forward to my books. Cheers!
— Anthony M., Kenmare, Ireland

I love how easy the site is to navigate and the selection of books! Things I had been looking for everywhere were on this site all along!
— Joshuah W., Rome, GA

I'm already ordering for Christmas! Thank you for the awesome gifts for my husband. He will be thrilled! Thank you for such an awesome selection!!
— Judy W., Northlake, TX

Your website was easily navigable and made it extremely easy to find the comics that I wanted.
— David B., Cecilton, MD

Thank you very much for having my favorite comics in stock and at affordable prices.
— Emily S., Banksia beach, Australia

Hi guys!! I've been meaning to reach out to you concerning the last couple of orders I received from you. I just wanted to say that your packing is outstanding and your selection is amazing. I have purchased several GI Joes graded by you and they are fantastic!
— Heinz K., Virginia Beach, VA

I love that I can almost always find what I’m missing from my collection to complete runs.
— Matt F., Humble, TX

You always have great prices and a stellar selection, and I love how well you package everything. Thank you so much!
— Marian P., Puyallup, WA

I always love buying from you guys. You've got a great website and it’s easy to find what you need. Thanks
— Ryan G., Louisville, KY

You have a great selection here! I haven't been able to find these anywhere else!
— Zoe M., Knoxville, TN

You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work. I am really happy to see the items I want when they are on your site. You're always great!
— Chuck F., Los Angeles, CA

I really do love you guys. I usually always find what I'm looking for, and if I don't, there is always something I find to check off on my "to buy" list.
— Caleb T., Little Rock, AR

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