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Satisfied Customers

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Thanks again. You all are helping me fill alot of missing issues I never thought I'd find anywhere else.
— David C., Bells, TX

Thank you for everything to all of you at Lone Star Comics!
— Skylar L., St. Elmo, IL

I sure love you guys!!! My third purchase in little over a month!
— Shawn C., Worthington, OH

I think your website is awesome!!!
— Miguel M., Bell, CA

Ordering from you has been a pleasure. I find things I can't at my normal comic shop, so thank you!
— Jerome B., Stone Mountain, GA

Thank you again for being the best online comic store!!!
— Corey L., Nashua, NH

It's great to see an online comic shop. Having recently moved, and not had time to locate a local comic shop, being busy with work. Now it looks like I won't need to do so.
— Jeffrey P., Redmond, WA

Good prices and great selection.
— Peter D., Berlin, NH

Thanks for having such an easy site to navigate through. You made it easy for me to find what I needed.
— James G., safford, AZ

Your Service is like a God send. I've never seen of had such an in-depth collection at my disposal.You have the best collection yet. Lone Star Comics may make me move to Texas. Keep up the good work! A Loyal Customer :)
— Alex M., Clinton, MD

THIS SITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Jacob M., Elizabethton, TN

Thanks. It is always a pleasure getting comics from you. My son is just getting into them and it's a blast sharing the old classics with him.
— Margaret H., Newcastle, ME

Great site! I've spread the word among my friends telling them to check you out for both great prices and service.
— Jesse B., Bellevue, NE

You guys are great!
— Eric H., Crown Point, IN

I love this site!
— Shawn C., Worthington, OH

This is the best website.
— Thomas D., Voorheesville, NY

Thank you very much for doing this. Since I was a little boy I looked all over for these things, and now I'm going to get them after 10 years. Thank you.
— Aaron B., Quincy, IL

It's hard to find these books in Mississippi, and you guys even have them at cover. Thanks.
— Brandon M., Cleveland, MS

Thank you for a great selection!
— Sean W., Somerset, MA

I am thoroughly impressed with your entire business operation. From selling to buying, it is an incredible pleasure!
— Robert H., Meriden, CT

Thank you for this site. I have been looking for these certian comics for a long time.
— Billy H., Oceanside, CA

I like your website. It was very easy to move around and use.
— Mark G., Normal, IL

Thank you for your service. I greatly appreciate the effort on your part.
— Orlando C., Holland, MI

Just wanted to say this process is faster and more effective than going shopping around town for these items.
— Richard C., College Park, GA

Thanks a lot for a great, easy-to-use site!
— Paul T., Renton, WA

Jello! I just wanted to say, as always, it's been a pleasure doing business with you. It's nice to know there are still some businesses who treats their customers like they are number one! Thanks for the friendly service!!
— Dave B., Brooklyn, NY rocks! I can find any issue I want and there is a picture there to double check if that's the issue. Thanks!
— Emily H., Cedar City, UT

I have been very pleased with the fast, easy way things have gone in the past, and I look forward to our next transaction.
— Larry M., St. Peters, MO.

This site is off the heezy!
— Alexander P., Houston, TX

I was very happy with my two previous orders. Thank You.
— James P., Santa Rosa, CA

I liked the page that describe the delivery options. If every website did something like that, it would make ordering on the internet a lot better and customer friendly. Good job.
— Chuck W., Louisville, KY

You all are great. I'd have alot a gaps in my collection if it wasn't for you. Thanks.
— David C., Bells, TX

You guys have a great site, selection, and prices. Thanks for helping me start filling in some gaps.
— Jon P., Rock Island, IL

You guys do a fabulous job of getting me my exact order, and the quality of the comics is exactly how it is represented on your website. Keep up the great work. Heck, you guys must be good, I've probably spent close to $1,000 on you in the last 3 months.
— Scott S., Detroit, MI

Great place to find those "hard to find" back issues I needed to fill the gaps in my collection. Wish I found you sooner. Thanks Again!!!
— Rhonda G., Forest Hill, MD

Thank you for having so many back issues that you can not find anywhere else.
— Thomas M., Schertz, TX

One word - AWESOME!!
— Chris E., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

You are the best comic shop in the world.
— Isabel A., Amadora, Portugal

Excellent site!
— Patrick G., Hudderfield, United Kingdom

Terrific site and great prices! Thanks!
— Linnea B., Northbrook, IL

Great, fast, easy to use site! I will be back!
— Vanessa D., Miami, FL

My first order arrived quickly and as described. Thanks. Your site is easy to navigate and I hope to keep using it to fill those gaps in my collection.
— Walter F., Rochester, NY

Thank you again for your services. I've been shopping around trying to find a particular comic, but all the places wants too much for shipping or aren't very easy to search through. Even the other places advertised in the comics (where I learned of you) pale in comparison. You are the best comic book service that I have been able to find! You make it easy to find what I want, and if you dont have it, you can get it. Thank you so much for your honesty, service and dedication! So until Marvel goes out of business, make mine!!
— Tawnya C., Gledale, AZ

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. I've found comix I've been looking for, for years. Your prices are far and postage affordable. I'll be coming back for more. You are the 3rd site I visited, the first two (who advertize with full page ads), didn't live up to the hype. Your search engine and thumbnails made for the easiest shopping. THANKS A MILLION!
— Robert W., Mount Pleasant Mills, PA

I think this is the best web site.
— Thomas D., Voorheesville, NY

You're one of the few comic book shops online that has a site that is actually user-friendly and written by someone who knows what they're doing. The choices in payment and shipping are better than expected.
— Roy B., Richmond, VA

Thanks for your help. I have been looking for these for a long time. I will be doing a lot of business with you.
— Tim B., Portland, ME

The last shipment you sent me had a couple of Spider-Man comics that thrilled me to no end. Thanks for providing such an excellent service!
— Mike H., Dallas, TX

I am so glad to have found this service online. I have been looking for these particular comics for months in my area. I hope you make a truck load of cash.
— Aaron L., Lynchburg, VA

So far I really appreciate your service. It is perfect for things that most regular stores never seem to have. I will use your service again in the near future.
— Ryan M., Maspeth (Queens), NY

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