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Satisfied Customers

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Great selection and easy to use website. I'll be back for more!
— William D., Bethesda, MD

Your inventory and ordering set-up is outstanding. Quick response and user friendly. Very impressed first time visitor and customer.
— Bill A., Mission Viejo, CA

Thank you guys. You have always come through and I am very grateful.
— Joe G., LSC, TX

Thanks for an excellent site.
— Steven B., Dalton - In - Furness, United Kingdom

You have the best online comic site that I have found. Thanks!
— Shawn S., Rockford, MN

I'm very glad to have found you AND very impressed with your excellent search engine, your huge inventory of comics and your prices. Also, the descriptions and pics of covers are really helpful, especially since I'm searching to fill gaps in my collection!
— Doris E E., Olympia, WA

Consistently a wonderful site. Keep it up.
— Keith G. B., Winterville, NC

This site rocks!
— Mary K., Colma, CA

I just started to use the internet. All around, I'm very impressed with the ease of shopping at your internet site. I will be shopping with you from here out! I hope that someday I will be able to visit the shops in Texas.
— Merrick S., Dahlonega, GA

Very user friendly site. Searches are easy and very fulfilling. Thank you for such a well designed website.
— James R., Waco, TX

I was really impressed by some of the selections that I saw at your site. Lately with the state of the industry being what it is, vendors have had really poor selections of back issues. I will definitely return soon. Thanks.
— Tom B., Sellersville, PA

Excellent service and no disappointments with orders or customer relations.
— Terry S., Nantucket, MA.

I really appreciate the pictures along with the information about the comics that you sell. Many other websites are too vague but yours is perfect.
— Teresa G., Tulsa, OK

Excellent site! Made filling in my collection much easier. Thank you!
— Abdallah S., Sterling, VA

I love this store!
— Marc C., Boynton Beach, FL

What can I say? You're the best online comic store I've dealt with! Thanks.
— Terry S., Nantucket, MA.

You always provide the best service.
— James G., Vallejo, CA.

I went to every Back Issue Comics site listed in the internet directory in CBG. Yours is the only one that has a search, whereby one can search by title. All the others, you search by publisher, then you search by the letter the comic starts with, and you get a page with all the comics that start with that letter published by that company. Don't know the publisher? Tough! There's no other way to search. Your site is therefore much easier to use-I hate the phrase 'user-friendly', but it applies perfectly to your site. Thank you.
— D. L. A., La Monte, MO

Thank you once again for the great selection in comic book. This is the third time I come here to shop. Everytime I come you guys never disappoint me.
— Juan G., El Cajon, CA

You`ve got the greatest comic shop on the internet!!!
— Joffrey B., St-Calixte, Canada

I have been very pleased with the service thus far. The GI Joe #1 and Hulk 340 I just ordered were beautiful. Sometimes when I've ordered comics labeled as near mint, that hasn't been the case. for those two books, I was impressed. Nothing wrong with them. Thanks.
— Bill M., New Albany, OH

Really love the site. You have a really nice selection of comics. Thank you. I hope I receive my books soon. You'll definitely hear from me again.
— Rick A., Latrobe, PA

Thank you so much for your kind note. I'm really looking forward to continue doing business with you.
— Deborah J., Chicago, IL

Nice selection, took me months to find these back issues. Maybe because I live in the backwoods state of South Dakota. Kudos guys!
— Cory J., Rapid City, SD

This is the greatest comic online store I have ever been to.
— Nathanael M., ST.LOUIS, MO

Thanks for being here! I couldn't find the books I wanted anywhere, except with those guys in Colorado who wanted 3 times your listed prices! And even then, they didn't have your selection! Thumbs up!
— Gary Alan L., Morgantown, WV

I found it very easy to find what I wanted and order it quickly! Thank you for the great service.
— Joshua S., Trion, GA

I ordered from you last week, and I was blown away by your service. You now have a loyal customer who will order from you again. Thanks.
— Marc C., Boynton Beach, FL

I am a repeat customer. Very happy with condition and service. does a professional job! Keep up the great work!!!
— Joseph C., Staten Island, NY

You've got the best comic store I've found on the web. Keep getting those cover scans uploaded. And if my vote counts at all, I'd rather you spend resources on comics rather than the other products you sell.
— Jason W., Ambler, PA

I received my first shipment in perfect order. I am very happy with your ordering and shipping method. In fact I'm happy with everything about LSC. Way to go guys!
— Lim K., Singapore, Singapore

This site is a very good site to come to. It is way better than Thank you for everything.
— Juan G., El Cajon, CA

I am really happy somebody made a site like this so I dont have to go tearing up the country side looking for certain comics.
— Brad W., Plano, TX

I've been looking for these books forever, but with your great selection I was able to find them all in one place! Thanks so much.
— Caroline C., Wilmington, NC

You have a great selection.
— Marc C., Boynton Beach, FL

I LOVE this place!!!!!
— Jeffery H., Baton Rouge, LA

Once again, you guys rock!!!!!!!
— Greg N., Palatine, IL

Man, I love this! Easiest way to find comics and pick them up. Thanks! See? There ARE superheroes in the comics world! Go team!
— Joe G., LSC, TX

This place is great!
— Dusty S., Hotsprings, AR

I like your service a lot!
— Nicholas B., Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Keep up the good work! It's a pleasure dealing with you!
— Moshe L., Jerusalem, Israel

You're ability to cross reference titles is excellent. Thanks for the effort.
— Alex V., Eatonville, WA

This is the third order that I am placing with your company. I was extremely satisfied with the first two orders. First, the grading was very accurate; secondly, the communication is great; and thirdly, the turnaround time from when I placed my order to when I received it was fantastic! An overall smooth, easy transaction both times. Keep up the great service!
— Joseph C., Staten Island, NY

Great service. Answered all my questions everytime. Easy way to pick up items close to my work or my home. Great service! Thanks!
— Joe G., LSC, TX

Your packaging on my first order was excellent.
— Brien C., Senatobia, MS

Thanks for the great service on my previous order. You earned my business again!
— Jeff S., De Pere, WI

Online store is great. Easy to use :)
— Jonathan E., BirdsBoro, PA

Nice website. Easy to get around in. I searched other comic shops for days trying to find just one copy and never did. Took me just 2 minutes to find 5 different ones at yours. Thanks.
— Greg E., Cherokee, IA

You guys made my day. Thanks a lot.
— George V., San Antonio, TX

You guys have the best service I've experienced.
— Marcus F., LSC, TX

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