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Satisfied Sellers

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Paying with store credit was incredibly easy! Great process from selling my books for credit to picking out my new treasures!
— Matthew H., Stow, OH

I just want to quickly thank you guys again for this service! I'm selling off books because I was a guy with about 15,000 comic books living on his own to a married guy trying to convince his wife we had to accomodate 15,000 books. It hasn't been eaasy in the small house we have together to say the least. I had been selling off runs of books locally for little or next to nothing, trying to cobble together enough to get some collected editions. I never was satisfied with the return for what I was selling. Stumblly upon your site one night changed everything though. I'm emptying those white boxes, but for once, I'm actually seeing my bookshelves fill up in return. I'm building quite the library for myself, and your store has certainly helped! Thank you! It's a great pleasure doing business with you.
— Joseph H., Hershey, PA

Trading and buying comics from you has been a very pleasurable experience. I really appreciate your informative and forthright site.
— David S., Florissant, MO

You have a great selection of titles, many that are unavailable in New Zealand. The trade deal we made was very fair and gave me good value for the comics I traded. The credit makes it very easy to choose from your great selection.
— Greig D., Milton, New Zealand

Website is very user friendly; love the sale prices! Comics trade-in is a great feature. I've had a great experience with this.
— Jim B., Exton, PA

Thanks once again for letting me use my duplicates as trade in to fill holes in my collection.
— Jordan N., San Carlos, CA

The web sale/trade-in works great. Keep up the good work!
— Ryan M., LSC, TX

Thank you for offering trades through your store. The credit payment option is very quick and easy.
— Jeffrey P., Islip, NY

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