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I can always count on for great deals on quality comics.
— Ed P., Denver, CO

Thank you for the great quality and price of the books.
— Paul M., seattle, WA

You continue to provide great products and service.
— Craig R., Columbus, WI

You guys are the greatest!!! No company has a back issue selection like you in the world, and the comics are always in great condition. Keep up the good work!
— Christopher P., Arlington Heights, IL

This place is great! You have such a wide variety of comics, you have everything I need.
— Cory C., Erie, PA

I think it's great that you list the condition of issues, and you give great discounts on VG and VF issues.
— Terrance W., Minneapolis, MN

The service and range is great.
— Ross M., Springwood, Australia

Your site is excellent. You selection is amazing. I will be back to spend tons more money!
— Christopher C., Huntington, WV

There is nothing I can give my suggestions or criticism in regards to your website. This is a great way of getting old comics, rather than heading to the shops to look for hours to get the old comic issue I want.
— Steven W., Hornchurch, United Kingdom

I really liked your website. Great catalog of items, and easy to use.
— Jason F., Greenlawn, NY

Thanks Buddy, I?ll get my newest trade to your office this week. And since I have a direct connection to you, let me say what an awesome business you are running.  I have visited three of your stores (Dallas, Irving, Plano) and used your website for orders and trades. You definitely know what you?re doing. I am impressed with the customer service at each store I have visited. So many times with retail chains the service is good at one store and not another. The people working at the stores are always super nice and helpful no matter how busy they are. Of course Dallas is my primary store and Joe and Brian are great. One of the best parts of buying comics is going to the Dallas store each week. Every website order I have completed (and that?s a bunch!) has been completed quickly and accurately and the quality of the comics are always great. The website is easy to use and well organized. And now that I have completed a couple of trades, I have come full circle with my comic books. The trades have been easy with excellent communication. You?re doing a great job with a great business. I feel lucky that there is a retailer like Lone Star in the Dallas area. I?m not sure if I would be spending as much on comics as I have if you weren?t here in the area. I wish everywhere I shopped did as good of a job with customer service as you do. 
— Suzanne K., Dallas, TX

You do an excellent job! I've bought and sold comics on and have been pleased every time. The selection is great and the service is fast.
— Richard H., Apple Valley, MN

Not only do your prices blow your competitor out of the water, but your selection was better. The notes on individual issues is a great touch. Your site is simply much easier to navigate. I think that you guys have probably just taken out your competition for my impulse buying addiction. Thank you very much. And if I'm ever in Texas, I'll make it a point to hit up one of your shops in person.
— David F., Broomfield, CO

Your website is very user friendly and I'm very pleased with the wide selection of reasonably priced back issues.
— Gerald O., Lansdale, PA

Thanks again for the great selection and good prices!
— Scott M., Birmingham, AL

Thanks so much for the great selection and good prices.
— Scott M., Birmingham, AL

I very much appreciate both the wide range of selections, and the set up of your website. It is very easy to find what you want and to order it.
— Glenn H., Meadville, PA

Great selection and prices on hard to find comics.
— Wil M., Syracuse, NY

Great site! Easy to use, with better prices and selection than your competitors.
— Bill B., Wanaque, NJ

Once again, unbeatable product selection and ordering process!
— Chris M., Congers, NY

I love your service, prices and comics!
— Jeff M., Pittsburgh, PA

Once again I am ordering from what is quite possibly the BEST comicbook shop online. Thank you for the great service and selection.
— Kenneth L., Indianapolis, IN

This is the best comic book ordering site out there. Your selection and prices are unmatched.
— Anthony G., Valparaiso, IN

Your website was very helpful in completing a lot of unfinished sets. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the many different levels of grades to get certain comics for VERY cheap. I do plan on ordering again!
— James S., Jacksonville, FL

Once again folks, I'm stunned by the selection and pricing you offer!
— Murray R., Brooklin, Canada

I was incredibly happy with my last order. You have easily obtainable back issues that I might have missed, as well as supplies that are ALWAYS out of stock at my local store. Thanks much, and...I'll be back!
— Scott H., Saint Johns, MI

I have ordered from your site many times, and I have to tell you, you guys are great! I order comics from no other site but you. Your selection and service can't be beat!!
— Chris J., Asheville, NC

I love this site. It has very hard to find back issues, and at very good prices.
— Jessie K., Sabina, OH

I have wholeheartedly been impressed with your overall selection and timeliness in response to the few issues I have had. I appreciate your follow up and want to assure you of my on-going patronage in the future. Thank you for your time and consideration.
— John P., Jacksonville, FL

I searched forever for issue number 1, and you were one of the few places that actually had it!
— Sara C., New York, NY

I found the bristol board in your on-line catalog and ordered a package. Thanks. This stuff is hard to find. Trust you guys to have the more esoteric stuff!
— David D., Knoxville, TN

The best site for back issues at more than reasonable prices. I've managed to complete colections without busting the bank.
— James M., Ruston, LA

I looked at other websites and yours seemed to have the best selection!
— Kevin A., Carmichael, CA

Yay! I can get all the comics I need in one place! Thank you! You've just saves me about five hours of hunting and a lot of money!
— Rachel H., Struthers, OH

I really appreciate being able to buy different grades of the comics you offer. It's nice for me since I am not collecting so much to collect as to be able to read. So many thanks there. Also the design is very easy to use.
— Heather D., Chicago, IL

Love the store. I've found titles that I have not been able to find locally for a long time.
— Michael M., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

With this order, my set of Excalibur is finally complete! Thanks for having such a great selection!
— Eileen K., Woburn, MA

This website is heaven sent. You guys have everything.
— Melisa H., Rochester, NY

This is my first time purchasing anything from your site, and I must say, I am so very, very impressed. Not only did you have EVERY issue of my favorite comics from childhood that I could NOT find ANYWHERE else on the internet, but your prices and shipping costs are unrivaled. You just got yourself a repeat customer. Please keep up the extraordinary work!
— Zach P., Modesto, CA

Your site is the best! I found items that I have not been able to find elsewhere.
— Murdoch M., Simi Valley, CA

You have a great selection of titles, many that are unavailable in New Zealand. The trade deal we made was very fair and gave me good value for the comics I traded. The credit makes it very easy to choose from your great selection.
— Greig D., Milton, New Zealand

I`ve been looking for this book for a while now. Glad I found it on your site, and cheaper than your competitors (Somehow that doesn't surprise me.)
— Stan B., Oklahoma City, OK

Amazing selection! I have been looking for these for years. Thank you for working this hard and stocking such a variety of titles.
— Jordan F., Midland, TX

Thanks for having so many back issues available for me to catch up after four years away from my Batman titles. Take care.
— Ken L., Elk Grove, CA

Your selection is excellent.
— Harley M., Miami, FL

It's a great site. It's so hard to find back issues that I missed, and when I found this site, I was filled with joy that I could get those issues that I missed.
— Robert G., Portage, MI

This is the first time I have ordered from your store. You have a lot of things in stock which I wasn't sure I would find.
— Matt K., Des Moines, IA

I'm filling in gaps in my eclectic collection, but I didn't realize this gap would be such a huge one to fill. Fortunately, your prices are great! Thanks!!
— Craig R., Markesan, WI

This site is one of the easiest to navigate sites that I have purchased from, and, without a doubt, the best comic book site that I have done so from. Your selection is also heads and shoulders above any other site I have seen.
— Gerald W., Fayetteville, NC

Thank you for having available comics that I have been searching for over many years due to lack of supply to my regular supplier. I look forward to doing business with you again.
— Jason B., Glenorchy, Australia

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