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Old Man Logan TPB (2015-2019 Marvel) 10-1ST graphic novel

  • Issue #10-1ST
    Old Man Logan TPB (2015-2019 Marvel) 10-1ST Old Man Logan TPB (2015-2019 Marvel) 10-1ST

    Volume 10 - 1st printing. "End of the World!" Collects Old Man Logan (2016 Marvel) #46-50 and ANNUAL #1.

    Written by Ed Brisson and Ryan Cady. Art by Damian Couceiro, Ibraim Roberson, Simone Di Meo and Hayden Sherman. Cover by Andrea Sorrentino.

    When a mysterious unidentified flying object crash-lands in the Yukon, Old Man Logan is called to investigate! What lies within? What does it want with Logan? The Marvel Universe's newest alien menace is on the loose and ready to start a rampage - beware the creature from the blackness of space!

    Then, Logan's declining health takes a turn for the worse - which is especially bad timing when the Maestro returns! It's a Wolverine vs. Hulk fight like you've never seen before! If his golden years are going to be cut short, you can count on Logan to rage against the dying of the light!

    Plus: Return to the Wastelands in a brutal tale that reveals what became of the Punisher in Logan's future past!

    Softcover, 152 pages, full color. Parental Advisory

    Cover price $17.99.