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ROM The Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC (2024 Marvel) 1C-1ST graphic novel

  • Issue #1C-1ST
    ROM The Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC (2024 Marvel) 1C-1ST

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    George Perez Cover

    1st printing. Collects ROM (1979-1986 Marvel) #1-29 and Power Man and Iron Fist (1972-1986 Hero for Hire) #73. Written by Bill Mantlo, Steven Grant, and Mary Jo Duffy. Art by Sal Buscema, Greg La Rocque, Joe Sinnott, Steve Mitchell, Ricardo Villamonte, Al Milgrom, Chic Stone, Mike Esposito, and Rick Magyar. Cover by Sal Buscema. Back Cover by Greg La Rocque and Steve Mitchell. Introduction by Chris Ryall. He strikes from outer space...and nothing can stop him! Marvel Comics is proud to present the iconic early adventures of the greatest of Spaceknights - Rom! Centuries ago, Rom pledged his life to protect his planet, Galador, from the evil Dire Wraiths. Now, Rom has tracked these vile creatures across the cosmos to Earth, where they have infiltrated the highest levels of power - including S.H.I.E.L.D. itself! Armed with his energy analyzer, only Rom can see the Wraiths' true form - and with his neutralizer, he can blast them into Limbo! But what will Earth make of this armored invader? Will Rom's quest be aided or hindered by encounters with the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Jack of Hearts, Nova, and Power Man and Iron Fist? And when Galactus targets Galador, can Rom and his fellow Spaceknights save their homeworld from destruction? Hardcover, 8 1/2-in. x 11-in., 704 pages, full color. NOTE: "ROM Spaceknight is, hands down, one of the most essential Marvel Sagas in the history of the House of Ideas. Those that were there to experience this amazing, thought-provoking, and exciting tale remember it fondly and know just how vital ROM is to the 1980s era of the Marvel Mythos. And for those that were not there to experience ROM firsthand are in for a true treat as this epic sci-fi tale unfolds before them with each thrilling turn of the page." - Odinson, Archivist Cover price $125.00.