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A Christmas Bestiary HC (2023 Fantagraphics) 1-1ST graphic novel

  • Issue #1-1ST
    A Christmas Bestiary HC (2023 Fantagraphics) 1-1ST

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    1st printing. Text by Benni Bodker. Art and cover by John Kenn Mortensen. A tongue-in-cheek guide to the beasts to watch out for during a cozy Christmastime. In the wintry season, when we all delight in joyful thoughts of family, presents, and sugarplums, we mustn't forget that the night is dark and full of terrors. Thankfully, bold adventurers Benni Bødker and John Kenn Mortensen have journeyed far and wide to comb through ancient tomes, listen to folk tales, and spy upon loathsome lairs to catalog the most frightful creatures of the netherworld that appear around Christmas time. A CHRISTMAS BESTIARY is an essential guidebook to all the horrors that await us during the darkest time of the year, from common creatures such as Baba Yaga and the Krampus to the less encountered(but quite deadly) Yule Wight and Gryla. Bødker's brief text entries include the lore and background of each creature, plush andy info such as danger level that will help you survive (but noguarantees!). Mortensen's gothic, pen-and-ink renderings bringthese bone-chilling beasts to life on the page. Eerie, playful, and practical, A CHRISTMAS BESTIARY is the perfect collection for the ones who love - or fear - the things that go bump in the night. John Kenn Mortensen is a Danish cult illustrator celebrated by fans around the world for his incredibly detailed illustrations of monsters. Benni Bødker is one of Denmark's leading writers of YA horror fiction. Hardcover, 112 pages, B&W. Cover price $24.99.