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Amazing Spider-Man Assassin Nation TPB (2024 Marvel) Epic Collection 2nd Edition 1-1ST graphic novel

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Amazing Spider-Man Assassin Nation TPB (2024 Marvel) Epic Collection 2nd Edition 1-1ST

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    NOTE: Book 19 of the Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection - Years Covered: 1988–1989.

    2nd Edition - 1st printing. Collects The Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998 1st Series) #311-325, The Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998 1st Series) Annual #23 and The Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives GN (1989 Marvel). Written by David Michelinie, Gerry Conway, Tom DrFalco, Fred Hembeck, and Peter Sanderson. Art by Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen, Alex Saviuk, Mark Bagley, Ron Frenz, Richard Brickwell, Fred Hembeck, Andy Mushynsky, Al Gordon, Tim Dzon, James Brock, Gavin Curtis, Vince Mielcarek, Keith Williams, Mike Esposito, Chris Ivy, and Don Hudson. Cover by Todd McFarlane and Veronica Gandini. Back Cover by Todd McFarlane. Revered creators David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane continue their fan favorite run on Spider-Man! Archenemies, assassins and Inferno! David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane's fan-favorite run continues as the superstar artist takes on classic Spidey villains Mysterio, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Lizard, Rhino and Scorpion - and Spider-Man faces a brutal rematch with Venom, his newest and deadliest enemy! As Manhattan goes mad, the web-slinger must contend with the demonic threat of Inferno - but Peter's powers can't save him and MJ from a Christmastime eviction! Then, Spidey tackles international espionage when he's drawn into the Assassin Nation Plot alongside Silver Sable, roguish gun-for-hire Paladin and Captain America! But when the assassin is revealed, who will survive? Plus: As Atlantis Attacks, Spidey and She-Hulk battle the Abomination! And a classic graphic novel sheds new light on Peter and Mary Jane's lives! Softcover, 480 pages, full color. Cover price $44.99.