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Order Cancellation Policy

In order to be able to ship your order same day or next business day after receving it, we process orders very quickly. Orders quickly pass a point of no return where they have been boxed up and are no longer accessible to be canceled. If your order has not yet been processed, we will be able to cancel it. If you need to cancel an order please call us at (817) 860-7827 Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM Central and we will take care of it if the order has not already been processed. If you make your cancellation request by email we may not see your email until after the order has already been processed and shipped.

Item Availability

Our inventory is very accurate, and errors and out of stock items are extremely few and far between. However, occasionally we may be unable to provide an item that you ordered due to an error in our inventory or a technical issue affecting our web site or other marketplace, or because we received more orders for an item than we have available inventory. Because we list in multiple marketplaces including the MyComicShop website ane eBay, it is possible to receive two orders for the same item from each venue if the orders come in at the same time. If you've ordered multiple items and one of the items in your order is unavailable, the remainder of your order will still ship. In the event of one item being unavailable, we do not pause processing of your order, and we are unable to support requests to cancel your order if one item is not available.

Cancellations due to incorrect description, price, availability, or other system issues

We reserve the right to cancel any item ordered, in which case you will not be charged or will be refunded if payment has already been provided. Although we reserve the right to cancel an item at our discretion for any reason, in practice the usual reasons an order might be canceled are: inventory error leading to not having the item available to fill the order; technical problem affecting our website or other venues like eBay causing items to be listed that shouldn't have; or a customer attempting to circumvent quantity-based limits on scarce items by submitting multiple orders or using multiple accounts. In extremely rare circumstances we might cancel a purchase due to a large error in an item's posted price, like if a consignor accidentally posts something for $100 that was supposed to be $1000, but that happens very rarely and we try to avoid doing that.

Special Circumstance: When a Book Suddenly Gets Hot

Within comics, it sometimes happens that due to an announced TV or movie project, a previously low demand comic suddenly becomes extremely hot and buyers rush to snap up all available copies. Since we list our inventory on both the MyComicShop website and on eBay, what will sometimes happen in those situations is that buyers will rush at the same time to buy all available copies on the MCS site, and also buy all available copies listed on eBay.

When that happens, we can end up receiving two orders, one from MCS and one from eBay, but have only one copy available to fill it. We will fill one and not the other. Buyers who don't get their order filled will sometimes assume that we canceled the order so that we could resell the same item at a higher price. That is not the case--we have never done so in our history and we will never do so. We will never cancel an order for a newly high-demand comic just because we want to relist it at a higher price.