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How We Package & Ship

When you order from us, we guarantee your order will arrive swiftly and without damage. We don't ship in envelopes — every comic we ship is protected with custom-sized cardboard pads, wrapped tightly in thick plastic, and mailed in a sturdy, damage-resistant carton.

Satisfied Customers

See what some of our customers had to say about our packing:

Your prices are the best I've found anywhere, your grading is excellent, your packing is tight, your delivery times outstrip any other supplier I've used, and that includes ones located thousands of miles closer to where I live, your office systems are user-friendly and efficient, and your website is the most informative and easy to use of any online supplier I've found. In short, if there's a better comic book supplier out there, I've yet to find them.
 — Philip S., Devizes, United Kingdom

Dear all at Lone Star Comics, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order this morning and I was left completely speechless when I opened it! In my long years of shopping over the internet, I have never, ever seen such careful and loving packing of a book. Your dedication to the best service clearly surpasses any other experience I have had with any other bookstore in the world. Down to your beautifully written letter, signed by the owner ( which could only be topped if the letter was printed with a hand-written font :) ), this experience sincerely took me back twenty years. I was a kid again! Finding you was just like discovering a little heart-warming bookstore hidden away in my town. Thank you so much for your love and your dedication to comics. It's so nice to see that there are people and companies that care about their products and customers. You have certainly won my heart.
 — Michael T., Athens, Greece

Buddy, I wanted to let you know that I purchased and received an order from your store earlier this week. The packing was just as sound as you described. My order consisted of backing boards, bags, and comics. All came through without damage, and all comics were in mint condition. By the way, I received a 'canned' response from the other company when I asked why their prices were so much higher. Having seen your prices and now your comics first hand, you have won yourself a repeat customer. I see no reason to pay a higher price at the other store when your shop sells the same product at a better price. Great job, Buddy and crew! Thanks again for all of your time and for taking time to answer my questions.
 — Patrick M., Neola, IA

Your staff remains Superheroes! Throughout everything our country has weathered since last March, my comic book pre-orders, want-list orders, impulse orders, etc. -- ALL of them delivered on-time and undamaged. A small thing, I know, but Buddy, your folks are the people who truly keep this country running. Entertainers and athletes aside, the person who grades the comics at to the person who takes extra care to pack the orders -- THOSE are the people who impact thousands of others more than any sports team or movie.
 — Steve B., Pueblo West, CO

We have had only great experiences ordering back issues from your excellent website in the past six months, which we will continue to do in the future. I have been greatly impressed with your customer service, packaging, fill rate and not the least your expediency.
 — Mikkel F., Copenhagen, Denmark

In my 15 plus years as a mild-mannered custom packaging distributor, I have seen, sold, evaluated, educated, participated in the design and execution of more packaging solutions than the entire variant cover output of Marvel and DC combined. I regularly deal with packaging engineers (yes you can go to college for that so keep up those SAT scores). I am proud to say about 12 years ago I was instrumental in introducing Padpack, the crumpled brown paper you see when you open your latest shipment of comic book goodness. Not only was this is an improvement over packing peanuts, it also braced and cushioned the contents of the box, i.e. your comics. Your inside the box packaging has continued to evolve over the years, with the most recent iteration utilizing those terrific black foam bumper corners that you, Buddy, designed and had manufactured yourself. With all comics now being shipped bagged and boarded, these incredibly versatile new corners are terrific. I'll forgo any further industry jargon and cut to the chase: Your industry unique custom packaging insures that we all get our comics in the same condition as they were sent from Texas! Congrats on yet another Lone Star Comics innovation!
 — Howard M., Cranford, NJ

I would like to thank you and congratulate you for the fantastic service that you consistently provide. I have been buying from you since 2016 and when you guys say that a book is very fine, it is. Your packaging is good, you ship very quickly and your grading is trustworthy. Since I live in Portugal I have to deal with the hassles of the Portuguese customs, otherwise I would be buying from you every other week! So again, thanks for the great service!
 — Alexandre S., Cascais, Portugal

I can't tell you how great it is to find these and then pick them up at your Arlington store. I really appreciate the scans and grading! I have been out of comics for several years but you make it easy to get some great stories and issues. I love your sales and deal (unlike pricing elsewhere that I have found to be very inflated). Thank you. I also wanted to say thank you for how carefully packed my comics are, even though just coming to your nearby store where I pick up. It means a lot and makes me keep coming back. Thanks to Buddy, Judy, and everybody, and especially to Beth.
 — Joe G., Arlington, TX

I just received my first order. After being a steady customer at another comic shop for 40 years, the owner recommended to continue my patronage. I have to say, I am most pleased with the service, packing, and price! Thanks to his referral, I hope to be a steady customer for some time to come!
 — Bob S., Frankfort, IL

Fast shipping, great packaging, unbeatable prices! Your web site is remarkably easy to use! I don't even go to my comic store anymore! A big thank you to everybody involved!
 — Terry I., Cloquet, MN

I just received my first shipment from Lone Star Comics. What can I say but that you guys run a brilliant store! Your website is the most user-friendly I have come across. From searching through your vast stock to completing an order, everything is simply laid out and effective to use. Packaging is another strength. My shipment came half way across the world secure and undamaged. You guys could teach Amazon a thing or two. Finally, your customer service is brilliant. For example, two of the items shipped had defects and Beth, who I e-mailed with questions, was quick to respond, courteous and extremely helpful. The situation was rectified quickly and beyond my expectations. I didn?t realize customer service still existed--it is something of a rarity these days. I will definitely shop from your store again.
 — Leon G., Adelaide, Australia

I LOVE ordering from your company. Mycomicshop has become my go-to for comic book purchases (This is my 8 or 9th time ordering from you). You are exceeding expectations when it comes to online retail. I really appreciate that you take the time to scan each cover, which must be very laborious given the impressive size of your inventory. It makes it more transparent when you're searching for individual issues, variant covers or just want a briefing of what the art style looks like first. The search option makes it so easy to find what you're looking for. I can search by artist or title and there's an advanced option too (which I've never needed to use, but it's very thorough). The delivery parcels: "Nuke proof" is right! The packaging you conduct has a level of preservation that has yet to be rivaled. I've never had any issues with delivery, but admire the fact there is an actual phone number I can call and speak to a real live human being should anything arise. The package has consistently arrived at (or sometimes even before) the date estimated. It is clear you have a dedicated team employed who are enthusiastic about what you sell. I wish you much continued success with your business in the new year. Warmest regards.
 — Jono D., Montreal, Canada

You guys are the best! My father has been collecting since he was a child and it's great to be able to get back issues from you guys to flesh out his collection. The prices and packaging are top notch. I don't buy my comics anywhere else since I found MyComicShop. Keep up the good work and happy holidays.
 — Logan C., Fountain Valley, CA

I am writing this email to let you know, I recieved my book in the mail today...when I opened it I was speechless. The box that it came in was pristine, the book was packed between two pieces of cardboard for protection, and placed in a plastic sleeve along with the packing slip...I was sooo impressed, everything about your business is perfect, the book looked even better in person, the posted picture for the auction did not give it justice. I wish I could put more info in the feedback line so everyone can see how great I think you guys are, you are now officially my favorite place to shop for comics....I myself have an eBay store and dabble in collectibles, (comics, sportscards etc.) and I can only hope that people that buy from me think as highly of me as I do of your business, I know you guys are busy but hopefully you will find time to read this message, I just had to write...I don't think my positive feedback expressed how genuinely happy I was shopping with you, thanks again!
 — EBay C., Garfield Heights, OH

I wanted to let you know that I've received around 200 packages from Mycomicshop using the new packing procedures. I have not had a single damage. Using the old methods, I would typically see one to three boxes with a dinged corner have damaged books inside. Sure not seeing that now.
 — Anthony B., Harker Heights, TX