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Return Policy

If your order was lost or damaged in transit

Please let us know as soon as possible. We will credit your account with us, refund you, or reship all or part of the order, as appropriate.

If the order was damaged, keep the packaging! We may need it to file for insurance on the package; it may be difficult to refund you if we aren't able to process our claim.

Order problems: wrong item, missing item, or misgraded item

Please notify us of the problem via email at within 30 days of receipt. If we need you to return the item, we will reimburse you for basic ground shipping. Once we have authorized your return, please ship promptly. Upon receipt of the return, we will refund you, credit your account, or ship a replacement item at our discretion. If the return is due to an item we agree was misgraded, or other error on our part, we can compensate you for your return shipping costs via basic ground shipping.

To receive prompt credit to your MyComicShop account or a refund to your credit card, please include a copy of the original invoice provided with your order. Items returned without a copy of the original invoice may experience delays in processing. Items returned without authorization may incur a 25% restocking fee, deducted from the value of the refund.

If you are an international buyer using a US-based freight forwarding service, please notify us of any problems with your order promptly within 7 days of receiving the order from your shipping service, within a maximum of 11 weeks after we shipped your order.

If you have purchased an item in error

Please let us know within seven days of receipt. We will refund you for the purchase price of the item (without shipping), less a 25% restocking fee. We will not reimburse you for your shipping.

CGC and CBCS graded comic purchases are not returnable

CGC and CBCS graded comic purchases are not returnable.

When buying comics graded and encased by CGC or CBCS, please closely inspect the large, high resolution cover images we provide. When purchasing a third-party graded comic you are accepting ownership of the comic at the grade assigned by the certification company. Disagreeing with the CGC or CBCS grade is not an acceptable reason to return a purchased comic.

Buyer expectations for CGC and CBCS case flaws and defects

All CGC and CBCS slabs will be sufficiently free of defects that the comic inside the slab is reliably protected, but we do not guarantee that all CGC and CBCS cases will be perfectly flawless and free of minor scratches, scuffs, small cracks, and other minor cosmetic flaws such as newton rings.

Buyer responsibility when submitting purchased comics to CGC or CBCS

After your order arrives, you have up to 30 days to notify us of any problems if you would like to return it. If you choose to submit a comic purchased from us to be graded by CGC or CBCS, we do not offer any refunds or credits if the comic receives a lower grade than what we assigned, although the chances of that happening are very low. The vast majority of items purchased from us would receive a grade from CGC or CBCS equal to our assigned grade or higher.

We do make one exception for restoration. If you purchase a comic from us that we have not listed as being restored, and after getting it graded by CGC or CBCS they identify the comic as having restoration, we will accept a return of that comic even past the usual time limit for returns.

If you wish to sell a book back to us

Any time you sell us a comic via our online buying system it will be graded fresh, independently of whatever grade it may have originally been assigned if you previously purchased the item from us. We make no guarantee that we will buy an item back at the same grade it was originally listed at. However, we do guarantee that any item we purchase from you will then be listed for sale at the same grade assigned when we bought it from you.

No returns on redeemed digital content

If a publisher includes a redemption key for online content with a comic, we will not accept the item for return if the content has already been redeemed. (Put more plainly, if you peel the sticker off a newly-released comic to reveal the code, we won't accept a return on that item.) Please see our grading terms for more information about digital codes included with books; many books we might sell with the code previously redeemed, and those would be returnable.

We also cannot take responsibility or grant a refund if the publisher chooses not to redeem your code, for whatever reason.