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Sales Tax

Due to the 2018 Supreme Court case South Dakota v. Wayfair, states are now allowed to charge sales tax to online sellers who sell goods into the state, even if the seller does not have a presence in the state. As a result of this ruling, many states have begun enacting new laws requiring online sellers to collect sales tax. Prior to these changes, we only charged sales tax in Texas, where we are located. Now we have to collect sales tax for all states that require it, which is most of them.

States where we charge sales tax

We are required to charge sales tax for all states except for the following list: Alaska, Delaware, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon.

States where comic books are tax exempt

New release comic books and magazines are tax-exempt in Illinois, New York, and Oklahoma. However, non-new collectible comics are still taxable in those three states. All comic books, new or collectible, are tax-exempt in Massachusetts.

Tax Exempt Resellers

If you are a retailer or comic dealer who has a tax exempt reseller certificate from your state, you may provide us with a copy of your certificate and you will not be charged sales tax. Tax Exempt Reseller Information