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Slab Condition

CGC and CBCS cases are made from brittle plastic. As a result, cases may accumulate minor scratches and cracks in the course of routine handling and shipment through the mail.

Neither CGC nor CBCS guarantees that even brand new cases will arrive in perfect condition completely free of minor production flaws, including but not limited to: scuffs to the outer case or inner well, minor scratches, newton rings, and other minor flaws.

The purpose of CGC and CBCS cases is to protect the encapsulated item and preserve the integrity of the grade assigned by the grading service.

How we handle breaks, defects, and small cosmetic flaws in CGC and CBCS cases

We do not sell comics in cases with defects or damage that compromise grade integrity. Any slab we receive with damage this severe will be sent to be recased before we will list the comic for sale. This applies both to our own inventory and to items we handle for consignors. With any slabbed comic you purchase you should have confidence that the comic you receive will reflect the grade originally assigned by CGC or CBCS.

Any significant flaws that do not compromise case integrity, and do not rise to the level of requiring the item be recased, will be reported in the item description. This may include case cracks that are significant but not so extreme that they compromise the case.

Minor flaws and small cosmetic defects of the case or inner well are considered acceptable possibilities for all CCG and CBCS cases and will not be documented in an item listing. We follow the practice of the vast majority of the comic collecting hobby, other comic sellers, and other comic auction and consignment services, which is that small, minor cosmetic case defects and flaws are normal and allowable when buying and selling slabbed comics. This includes minor scuffing to the outer case or inner well; minor scratching on the case; and occasional newton rings. Newton rings are a harmless visual rainbow effect sometimes present at the point of contact between two flat pieces of plastic. Newton rings were more of an issue in some older CGC slabs and less common now.

We understand that some customers may feel otherwise, and prefer to purchase only CGC and CBCS slabs that are essentially flawless. There's nothing wrong with having that preference, but it does not reflect the standard that we at MyComicShop (or most other comic sellers and auction houses) provide--cases may have small minor defects present. If you're not willing to accept that, you would be better off buying slabs in person where you can inspect the slab to confirm it meets your standards. We will not accept frequent returns from buyers for nitpicky complaints about minor case flaws.

We make every effort to insure that purchased slabbed comics are delivered to you undamaged. However, we do not assume responsibility for minor side edge cracks or other minor case flaws (either as noted in item description or that occur in transit) so long as such damage is minor and does not compromise case integrity or affect the comic inside the case.