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Slab Condition

The primary purpose of CGC and PGX cases is to preserve the integrity of the grade rendered by the grading service, with a secondary purpose being to protect and preserve the item encapsulated. Please note that cases are made from plastic that is brittle. While this intentional weakness makes case tampering difficult if not impossible, it also means that cases are easily cracked or broken.

We do not sell comics in cases with defects or damage that in any way compromises grade integrity or that detracts from the comic�s visual presentation. All CGC and PGX cases pictured on our site are either essentially perfect or have minor defects as noted.

We make every effort to ensure that cases are delivered to you undamaged. However, we do not assume responsibility for minor side edge cracks or other minor case flaws (either as noted in item description or that occur in transit) so long as such damage is minor and does not compromise case security or detract from the items visual presentation.