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DC Comics Presents (1978) Annual comic books

  • Issue #1
    DC Comics Presents (1978) Annual 1

    DC Comics Presents: Superman and the Golden Age Superman - "Crisis on Three Earths!" Written by Marv Wolfman. Art by Rich Buckler and Dave Hunt. The Lex Luthor of Earth-1 and Lex Luthor of Earth-2 team up with Ultraman, Superman's evil doppelganger from Earth-3. Not even the combined might of 2 Supermen may be able to stop this triad of evil. Unless, that is, they get a little help from a bold new hero - Lex Luthor?! All will be revealed in this must read pre-Crisis adventure! 48 pages, FC. Cover price $1.00.

  • Issue #2
    DC Comics Presents (1978) Annual 2

    DC Comics Presents: Superman Introduces Superwoman - "The Superwoman of Metropolis!" Written by Elliot S. Maggin. Art by Keith Pollard and Mike DeCarlo. Cover by Gil Kane. Who is this mysterious stranger with powers and abilities beyond those of other men and women. The Man of Steel introduces Superwoman, and just wait until you see who she is! Featuring appearances by the Justice League of America. 48 pages, FC. Cover price $1.00.

  • Issue #3
    DC Comics Presents (1978) Annual 3

    DC Comics Presents: Superman and SHAZAM!

    "With One Magic Word!" Written by Roy Thomas and Julius Schwartz. Art and cover by Gil Kane.

    The diabolical Dr. Sivana has trapped Captain Marvel under the Rock of Eternity and stolen the power of SHAZAM for himself! The Golden Age Superman of Earth-2 has already fallen and now the Man of Steel of Earth-1 is next. Can even the greatest heroes of the DCU find a way to stop a madman with the power of the gods?!

    Featuring appearances by Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr.

    48 pages, FC.

    NOTE: "Hands down, this is my all time favorite Superman/Captain Marvel team-up story." - Odinson, Lone Star Comics Archivist

    Cover price $1.25.

  • Issue #4
    DC Comics Presents (1978) Annual 4

    DC Comics Presents: Superman and Superwoman! - "Welcome to Luthorcon III!" Written by Elliot S! Maggin. Art by Eduardo Barreto and Jerry Ordway. As Superman fills in at the Luthorcon III convention for an actor famous for playing the Man of Steel, Superwoman of 29th century Metropolis decides to pay 20th century Metropolis a visit 48 pages, FC. Cover price $1.25.