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Haywire comic books issue 5 1988-1990

  • Issue #5
    Haywire (1988) 5
    Published Jan 1989 by DC.

    Cover pencils by Vince Giarrano, inks by Kyle Baker. DC publisher Jenette Kahn discusses the New Teen Titans. Graveyard Shift, script by Michael Fleisher, pencils by Vince Giarranom, inks by Jose Marzan Jr.; First, Haywire teaches a few subway arsonists the error of their ways (one of them gets waaaay too close to the train); Then, the connection between Steven and Alex is revealed: they're the same guy!; Only, "they" never knew it; That sure helps explain why they both secretly seemed to be Haywire; Next, Haywire attacks some cocaine smugglers and their armored guards; The cocaine and smugglers are destroyed, but one of the guards battles Haywire to a standstill; Finally, the Haywire armor's prospective owners voice their displeasure to the combine, and demand their property. 36 pgs. $1.25. Cover price $1.25.