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Night Glider (1993) 1U

  • Issue #1U
    Night Glider (1993) 1U
    Published Apr 1993 by Topps.
    • Signed by writer Roy Thomas. Does not include certificate of authenticity.

    Not bagged and no trading card. She Glides in Beauty, Like the Night... - Written by "Rascally" Roy Thomas (plot) & "Merry" Gerry Conway (script). Art by "Dashin'" Don Heck. Cover pencils by Jack "King" Kirby. Night Glider is the second of the Secret City superheroes. In her unique uniform, she can soar on the slightest breeze and at heights that breach the stratosphere! Yet within her seemingly fragile frame exists a will and commitment tougher than steel. Awakened from her 15,000-year sleep, Night Glider soars the sky above Chicago, seeking to know all about the world she was created to defend. It is then that she makes a horrifying discovery: some of the ancient Ninth Men are still alive...and out to kill her! Appearances by Bombast and Captain Glory. Plus: "Bullpen Bios" of Gerry Conway and Don Heck, including a self-portrait by Heck. Cover price $2.95.