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Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane (1958) 38

  • Issue #38
    Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane (1958) 38
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    • Paper: Off white
    • Slab: New, unblemished
    • Label #1554542021

    Cover art by Kurt Schaffenberger. The Invisible Lois Lane!, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by George Klein; Lois drinks a potion that makes her invisible so she can learn Superman's secret identity. House ad for The Brave and the Bold #45. House ad for Superman Annual #6. House ad for Batman Annual #4. Varsity Vic humor page by Henry Boltinoff. Lois Lane's Signal Watch!, art by Kurt Schaffenberger; Mike Kimbo and his gang trick Lois with a fake Superman signal watch. The Girl Who Refused to Marry Superman!, art by Kurt Schaffenberger; Red Kryptonite robs Superman of his powers; He decides to find out if Lois or Lana would still love him as a normal person. Cover price $0.12.