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Cerebus (1977) 1COUNTERFEIT

    Cerebus (1977) 1COUNTERFEIT
    Cerebus (1977) #1COUNTERFEIT
    • Small piece cut from margin of one page.
    • This is a consignment item. A 3% buyer's premium ($11.97) will be charged at checkout.
    • Paper: Off white to white
    • Counterfeit.
    • Label #0956883012

    The original and the counterfeit versions may be identified by:
    1) Original: The inside cover is not glossy like the outside cover. Counterfeit: Both sides of cover are glossy.
    2) Original: The area directly to the right of the white spot on the barbarian's chest (the lighter shaded figure at the bottom of the cover) has only a red dot pattern and black shading. Counterfeit: The area to the right of the white spot has the dot pattern, but you will also see some solid red coloring around the black shading.
    3) Original: On the interior splash page with the big dragon (4 pages after the centerfold), the Cerebus figure at the bottom is grey tone and does not look like anything like the black background fill. Counterfeit: The Cerebus figure is solid black, looking exactly like the background fill.
    4) In the counterfeit, cover inks are slightly washed out, especially noticeable in the solid black fill areas. Cover price $1.00.