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House of Secrets (1956 1st Series) 29

  • Issue #29
    House of Secrets (1956 1st Series) 29
    • Water damage. Oxidation.
    • Staple rust/migration. Centerfold detached at one staple.

    Cover pencils by Dick Dillin, inks by Sheldon Moldoff. "The Curse of the Forbidden Flora," art by Bill Ely; Adventurers are sent to collect specimens of flora grown by Tibetan wild men, but the specimens are protected by high priests who have placed a curse on anyone who picks their flowers. Ad for Tales of the Unexpected #46, My Greatest Adventure #40, and House of Mystery #95. 2/3 John C. Adams filler page, script by Julius Schwartz, art by Mort Drucker. "It's Fun to Help Others!" public service announcement starring Superboy, script by Jack Schiff, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by George Klein. "The Mystery of the Man-Made Monsters," art by Nick Cardy; A scientist has been experimenting on animals using radioactive isotopes, which cause a sheep to grow gold wool, spiders to spin webs made of silver, and caterpillars to weave indestructible cocoons; And that's before they increased in size. Ad for World's Finest Comics #107. One-page Moolah the Mystic story by Henry Boltinoff. "The Queen of the Beasts," pencils by Joe Kubert, inks by Mort Meskin; While investigating reports of strange creatures, Mark and Elsa discover a crack in a mountainside that leads to a hidden valley; In the valley they find creatures that appear to have come from underground. Elsa overpowered by fumes from the plant life, finds she can communicate with the creatures, and determines that together they can take over the earth. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.