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Brave and the Bold (1955 1st Series DC) 2

  • Issue #2
    Brave and the Bold (1955 1st Series DC) 2
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    • Paper: Off white
    • Label #1990583001

    Cover by Irv Novick. Draw Bob Hope! ad for Art Instruction Inc. "The Sword of Attila!", script by France Herron, art by Russ Heath; The crafty Cinna sends Marcus on a suicide mission: to seize the sword of Attila the Hun who threatens Rome!; Cinna's niece Lucia dresses as a soldier and joins him; Marcus dodges catapult fireballs but is captured. "The Threat of the Phantom Vikings!", script by Robert Kanigher, art by Joe Kubert; Jon, the amnesiac Viking Prince, trains villagers how to fight as an abandoned ship drifts into the bay; Jon investigates and is attacked by a shark!; That night flames light up the village as the phantom ship drifts back; Jon finds the hold is packed with sharks and trap doors. His arch-enemy Thorvald attacks. One-page Laughing Arena story by Irwin Hasen. Short article about Roman siege weapons by Jack Miller, art by Raymond Perry. "Knight for a Day!", script by Robert Kanigher, art by Irv Novick; Brian rescues a lady as she falls in the moat of savage fish; Sir Bane departs, but sends a message that Brian must bring the Sun Ruby to a castle across the Forest Perilous; Brian is waylaid by brigands, but the hawk Slasher drives them off and leads Brian to the secret grove where hangs the uniform of the Silent Knight. 36 pgs., full color. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.