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Archie's Pals 'n' Gals (1955) 18

  • Issue #18
    Archie's Pals 'n' Gals (1955) 18
    • .5" Spine split from top.
    • 3" spine split from top.
    • 3 3/4" Cumulative spine split. Mold on front cover.

    "The Little People"; Archie is jealous when he hears the the son of one of Mr. Lodge's business partners is staying at the Lodge's house. "Cat and Mouse"; Reggie tries to give Moose a false sense of confidence when they race by holding back when they run. Archie's Christmas Stocking ad. "Buzz Bombs"; Text article about bees, wasps and hornets. "Squeeze It Yourself" starring Li'l Jinx, script and art by Joe Edwards. "Pin Fun"; Betty out-bowls Archie and Veronica gets all of his attention. "Daddy's Boy"; Mr. Lodge's psychologist convinces him that Archie wants to be his son. Archie Giant Series Magazines ad. "Match Maker!"; Reggie agrees to coach a boy's little league team if the kid will introduce him to his big sister. "Fishing for Fems" article. "Popularity Pole"; Archie thinks Veronica is a snob and never agrees with anything he says so he tells Betty that he's through with Veronica. "Practice Makes Perfect!", script and pencils by Joe Edwards; Jinx makes lemonade but can't get the mix of sugar and water right. "Profit and Loss!"; After reading a book on astrology Betty tells Archie that it's inevitable that they will be together that day. "Buss Stop"; Betty is mad at Archie for stealing a kiss from her. "I See Your Face Before Me"; Reggie tries to use photographs and psychology to get Archie to believe that he's in love with Betty. "Canine Caper"; Archie takes care of his uncle's dog and it causes him lots of trouble. "Peace...It's Wonderful!"; Veronica is tired of Archie and Reggie fighting each other. "Help Wanted"; Betty throws a party and nobody wants to help clean up. "Lover Boy's Lament!"; Archie pines for Veronica when she's away on vacation. 84 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.25.