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Zip Comics (1940) 22

  • Issue #22
    Zip Comics (1940) 22
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    • INCOMPLETE. Last page missing. First two pages and last two present pages split and detached.

    Edited by Harry Shorten. Cover art by Irv Novick. Untitled Steel Sterling story, script by Joe Blair, art by Irv Novick; Steele and his friends are on Hawaii and meet the living dead who walk the sands of Waikiki Beach, controlled by Professor Dazzero. "Cleopatra, Queen of Hearts," art by Al Camy; The reincarnation of Cleopatra appears in New York and rich men dies by her spells. Untitled story, script by Joe Blair, art by Lin Streeter; Wilbur is on the Westfield football team and scores the winning goal. Untitled Captain Valor story, script by Joe Blair, art by Warren King; The Nazis are stirring up the natives on a South American island against the Marines. Untitled story, art by Frank Volp; The Mayor has called on Nevada Jones to deal with the killing outlaw, Pancho Cortez. Untitled story, script by Joe Blair, art by Ed Smalle; The War Eagles have stolen important papers from a Nazi factory and make their getaway in a German Stuka to deliver their goods. Untitled story, art by Lin Streeter; Dicky is chased by Loki, Lord of the Magic Forest, and puts on his magic boxing gloves. Untitled story, script by Harry Shorten, art by Paul Reinman; Zambini is nearly run down by a reckless driver and thinks he needs a good lesson. 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.