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    Out of This World Adventures (1950 Avon) Pulp Vol. 1 #1 VG/FN 5.0

    Ended Sep 26 2022
    Winning Bid $67

    Volume 1, Issue 1 - July, 1950. 32 page illustrated color section contains reprints from Avon's comic book titles "Out of This World" & "Strange Worlds" with art by Joe Kubert and John Giunta. Science Fiction stories "The Planet-Smashers" by Ray Cummings, "Letter from the Stars" by A.E. Van Vogt, "Omega and the Wolf-Girl" by Lester del Ray, "The Puzzle of Priipiirii" by William Tenn, "The Shipwrecked Bogey Man" by Lloyd Williams, "Terror of the Mist-Maidens" by A. Bertram Chandler, "The Discord Makers" by Mack Reynolds, and "Forbidden Fruit" by Kris Neville. Illustrations by Martin and William F. McWilliam. 7" x 9 3/4"; black and white/color; 132 newsprint pages. Cover price $0.25. Grade: VG/FN 5.0 explanation of grade Condition: Used (collectible)