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Fantastic Four Action Figure Deluxe Edition (1996 Toy Biz) comic books

  • Issue #45501-ITEM
    Fantastic Four Action Figure Deluxe Edition (1996 Toy Biz) 45501-ITEM

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    Item# 45501 - Silver Surfer - Norrin Radd offered himself up as Herald to the world-devouring Galactus, in order to save his homeworld of Zenn-La! Transformed into the Silver Surfer by the giant's awesome energies, Radd was charged with seeking out new worlds for his master to consume! But when the Silver Surfer discovered the Earth, he defied Galactus and tried to save it. Now freed of servitude, the Silver Surfer roams the cosmos, using his Power Cosmic to atone for his misdeeds! Includes a 10-in. tall, fully poseable action figure with surf board.