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Rising Stars Bright (2003) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Rising Stars Bright (2003) 1

    (W) Fiona Avery (P) Dan Jurgens (I) Jason Gorder. Cover by David Michael Beck. "Mercy"?In the hit series, Rising Stars, it is mentioned that at one time, Matthew Bright ran away from Pederson and, under an assumed name, became a member of normal society and a police officer. Join us as Matthew tells this story in his memoirs and learn how a Special can shine brightest when they're just being human. FC, 32pp (1 of 3) $2.99 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    Rising Stars Bright (2003) 2

    (W) Avery (P) Dan Jurgens. Cover by David Michael Beck. Matthew Bright is still living under the assumed name of Brendan Miller, and making close friendships with Frank and Jess in the precinct, when a new serial killer case erupts in the NYPD. Matt really takes the case to heart upon discovering that the serial killer has Specials in mind whenever he causes new carnage in the streets of suburban New York. In the second part of three issues, Matthew's secret identity as Brendan Miller is about to be ripped from him and his true nature as a special is revealed. FC, 32pg (2 of 3) $2.99 3 issues mini-series Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #3
    Rising Stars Bright (2003) 3

    (W) Fiona Avery (P) Dan Jurgens (I) Jason Gorder. Cover by David Michael Beck. "Civilian Casualties": Part 3?Matthew Bright has been set-up by The Shepherd of Death, the serial bomber terrorizing the streets of New York. Familiar faces from Matt's past surface as the world of his former self, Brendan Miller, collapses around him. But his precinct isn't ready to turn their back on him yet, and in a surprising show of unity, they reinstate Matthew to the ranks of Police Officer. But can Matthew solve the case of The Shepherd of Death before the ultimate price is paid? FC, 32pg $2.99 Part 3 of 3 Cover price $2.99.