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Secret Invasion Omnibus HC (2018 Marvel) By Brian Michael Bendis 1-1ST

  • Secret Invasion By Bendis Omnibus Hc
    Secret Invasion By Bendis Omnibus Hc

    (W) Brian Michael Bendis, Brian Reed (A) Leinil Francis Yu & Various (CA) Gabriele Dell'Otto Brian Michael Bendis' complete saga between two covers! It begins with a brutal battle between the New Avengers and the Hand - one that claims Elektra's life and reveals that she was…a Skrull! What does this mean for Tony Stark and his Mighty Avengers? Or his shadowy Illuminati? Soon, the whole Marvel Universe will be asking: Whom do you trust? As the Secret Invasion stands revealed and the Skrulls attack Earth, which heroes will be exposed as alien impostors? Can the Secret Warriors turn the tide? And can anyone stop the Skrull queen Veranke - whoever she is?! Plus: Bendis and a murderers' row of artistic talents reveal how your favorite Avengers were secretly replaced! Collecting SECRET INVASION #1-8, SECRET INVASION PROLOGUE, NEW AVENGERS (2004) #31-32 and #39-49, MIGHTY AVENGERS (2007) #7 and #12-20, and NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI (2007) #1 and #5. Rated T+ Cover price $100.00.