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    Zip Comics (1940) #7 Coverless 0.3
    Published Aug 1940 by MLJ Magazines.
    • INCOMPLETE. Missing first wrap, affects art and story. Centerfold detached and split.
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    Edited by Abner Sundell. Cover art by Charles Biro. "Uwana's Life-or-Death Loan Company," script by Abner Sundell, art by Charles Biro; Witnesses are killed for testifying against protection and loan racketeers. "The Head in the Parachute," script by Harry Shorten, art by Irv Novick; The severed head of a witness in a policy racket case lands in a parachute in the street, as a warning. "Cervantes's Sacrifice Cult, inks by Frank Volp; Nevada and Little Joe are witnesses to a human sacrifice in an old castle in the desert town of Taranto. "The Rescue of Prof. Goodwill," script by Harry Shorten, art by Robert Pious; Prof. Goodwill has discovered a diamond vein in an ancient city and is taken prisoner by men who will force him to tell where the secret vein is. "The U-Boat Aircraft Carriers," art by Ed Smalle, Jr.; The Germans will launch airplanes from a U-boat off Plymouth. "Carnival Killer" text story. "Fire on the Junk," script by Abner Sundell, art by Mort Meskin; Valor and his friends are marooned on a barren island off the Chinese coast; Yat Sing and his followers are also on the island and try to kill Valor, but Tania wants them all to join forces. "Zotter the Blackmailer," script by Abner Sundell, art by Edd Ashe; Mr. Satan smashes up a blackmailer gang hiding on an old freighter in the harbor. "Abdul Khil's Trap for Zambini," script by Joe Blair, art by Elmer Wexler; Abdul Khil, leader of the Black Magic Magicians, plots Zambini's death when he arrives in Morocco. 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

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