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Mysterious Stories (1954) comic books 1955 or before

  • Issue #2
    Mysterious Stories (1954) 2
  • Issue #3
    Mysterious Stories (1954) 3
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    Cover pencils by George Woodbridge, inks by Angelo Torres. "Nightmare!", pencils by George Woodbridge, inks by Angelo Torres; Forty years after the Civil War, former soldier Dan McGraw is visited by the ghosts of his army buddies; He killed them so that he could keep a gold treasure all for himself. "The Elder Gods" text story. "Smart Soldiers Never Die!", inks by Hy Fleishman; Rookie soldier in Korea caught behind enemy lines is pulled through by veteran; Returning to camp, he learns that the veteran must have been a ghost, because he died yesterday. "Friends to the End!", art by A. C. Hollingsworth; Al is rescued from a tenement fire by the ghost of his war buddy Dave; Al once saved Dave's life, and now the debt is paid. "So You Want to Be a Witch?" text story. "King Midas," art by Hy Fleishman; Story of King Midas, pepped up with 1950s lingo; Because he cannot eat anymore (everything he touches turns to gold), Midas turns himself into the Statue of Liberty and is shipped to New York. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #6
    Mysterious Stories (1954) 6

    "Strangers in the Night"; Comic book artist Dan Wallace is confronted by the characters of the story he is drawing; They demand a happy ending instead of being kidnapped into outer space by Martians. "Grow a Crooked House" text story. "The Secret of the Sewer!"; The kind sewer worker Harvey Thomas finds a magic purse producing endless money; He indulges in a life of luxury and becomes a bitter and cruel man. "A Dog's Best Friend"; Satin, a seeing-eye dog, watches over blind Beth. In the course of the years, they each save the other's life. "Mystery of Forlorn Island" text story. "Goldy Lox and the Three Bears," art by Hy Fleishman; Goldy Lox, a traveling saleswoman, breaks into the house of the three bears; She uses her magic do-it-yourself-kits to transform them into humans, but ends up being a bear herself. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.