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Write Now (2002) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Write Now (2002) 1

    The publishers of Draw! Magazine bring you Write Now!, the professional magazine for writers of comics, animation, and science-fiction! Ever wonder what I takes to be a comics writer, what qualities are necessary to sell writing, and what editors are looking for? Let veteran Marvel Comics Editor Danny Fingeroth take you behind the scenes, into both the creative and business sides of writing narrative fiction, and hear from the pros on both sides of the desk about what it takes to write the stories that readers ? and editors ? want! In the premiere issue, you'll get tips and insights from interviews with top professional writers discussing the practical aspects of their craft: Brian Michael Bendis (writer of Ultimate Spider-Man, Alias, and Powers), Joe Quesada (Marvel Editor-in- Chief and writer of Iron Man), Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Fray), and J.M. DeMatteis (writer of Spider-Man, The Spectre, Man-Thing, and Moonshadow)! Plus, Mark Bagley (penciller of Ultimate Spider-Man, New Warriors, and Amazing Spider-Man) provides our cover, featuring those two zany comics creators William Shakespeare & Leonardo DaVinci, and explains what he likes, and doesn't like, in scripts he draws from! And if that's not enough, how about an interview like you've never read before with Stan "The Man" Lee! 'Nuff said! (TwoMorrows Publishing) Magazine, 8x11, 80+pg, b&w $5.95 Cover price $5.95.

  • Issue #6
    Write Now (2002) 6

    The magazine that gives you writing tips and tricks from today's top comics, animation, and science-fiction writers and editors, knocks it out of the park as editor Danny Fingeroth kicks things off with an all-new Powers cover by Michael Avon Oeming! Inside: it's "Write Now In-Depth," a detailed study of what goes into making a comic, with articles, interviews and essays by and about an entire issue of a comic! Dissect an issue of Powers by with ample participation from Bendis and Oeming themselves. Plus: an exciting interview with Mark Waid, conducted by Jimmy Palmiotti. Also, Jim Salicrup interviews Don McGregor. (TwoMorrows Publishing) (CAUT: 4) Magazine, 80pg, b&w $5.95 Cover price $5.95.

  • Issue #13
    Write Now (2002) 13

    This issue features all-new interviews with Ron Lim, Al Milgrom, and Simon Kinberg, while Denny O'Neil tells readers how he took the screenplay from the blockbuster Batman Begins and translated it into his top-selling prose novel! Central Park Media's Stephen Pakula discusses how manga is adapted from Japanese into English; Platinum Studios' Lee Nordling outlines adapting comics into film; Kurt Busiek duscusses tips on breaking into comics as a writer; Mike Friedrich talks about the role of writers' agents in the comics business; novelist Bill McCay reveals how to do research so your story has the ring of truth; and Marc Bilgrey talk about how his new comedy-fantasy novel And Don't Forget to Rescue the Princess came to be! Cover price $6.95.

  • Issue #17
    Write Now (2002) 17

    Just in time for the new Fall TV season, this issue features secrets behind television's newest hit Heroes (and its webcomics) from series creator/writer Tim Kring and writer Jeph Loeb. Also find out about the Heroes: Origins spin-off series, and read interviews with DC Comics' head editorial honcho Dan Didio. Plus, Peter David talks about writing Stephen King's Dark Tower comic, Michael Teitelbaum tells us about writing superhero kids novels, and writer C.B. Cebulski talks about everything from manga to Marvel! Lastly, lots of great script and art nuts and bolts, and a free preview of Back Issue #24. Cover price $6.95.